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Default Beginner PL Routine that isn't 5x5?

I have been lifting since April doing Stronglifts 5x5, going down to 3x5. I was extremely weak at first but built up some strength. I'm still not where I should be, and deloaded many times on the program. Right now my 5RMs are:

Squat - 225
Bench - 160
Deadlift - 295

I got bored with SL and the constant deloading made it seem like I was getting nowhere. I haven't been able to get too far past these numbers on a couple months. So I quit that routine and the past couple weeks have been trying out the Layne Norton PHAT routine, which is more for BB. It turns out I miss doing mostly heavy barbell movements and don't enjoy all the cable flyes and such on PHAT. I'm not really interested in Madcows or TM, they are too similar to SL and I need to try something new for awhile. 531 is too slow progression because I'd like to work towards 1000 total asap, preferably before the beginning of 2014. I like the single minded training of 531, going in to do one primary lift each day, plus accessories. I was thinking the BBB template would be decent since I can do the BBB squats on DL day, BBB press on bench day, etc giving me more frequency. But my lifts aren't yet heavy enough to move to 531, they're still beginner weights. So what options are there besides the typical 5x5s that are suggested everywhere online? I'd like a higher volume routine but I'm open to anything. I jut want to bust past these plateaus ASAP and progress as fast as possible.

As for diet, I get 4000 calories a day with 200g protein, and I'm 195 lbs at 5'10". I got a good amount of body fat but I really don't care about that. I want strength and mass, not really trying to look like a fitness model or whatever. My plan is to reach 1200 total ASAP before hitting my first meet.

I train alone but have been looking at some other gyms online that are more geared towards strength training and powerlifting. I might hold out until March when my one year membership at my current gym ends. But maybe lifting with some stronger guys and getting a little coaching could help.

What should I be doing at this point?
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