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Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
Linden, this happens to you often if I remember correctly. It's just my opinion, but I don't think your body likes jumps in intensity. In other words, when you add weight to an exercise then your reps crash. I'd try a rep progression scheme before you add weight to the bar and see if that works better for you.

An example:

Removed just to save space in the quoting

There are many more forms of rep progression, but this one will fit right into what you are currently doing.
OffRoad brings up a good point and gives you a very detailed set-up, in the post above.

You haven't logged a workout, at least not on the forum, since 27 July, and people have no way of knowing how fast (or not) you're trying to progress, nor what sort of progression scheme you are using.

I realise, at one point, you didn't log your sessions because you said they were pretty much the same and nothing had altered so there was little point in logging but if you look at a good number of logs, you'll see that people still log those workouts, regardless.

When asking for advice, people have to have as many pieces of the puzzle as possible, in order to give tailored advice.

For example, if I were to come on the forum and say..."Hey guys, my KB press has stalled, what do you suggest?" The very first reply that I would expect is "Well, what are you doing at the moment?" I'd expect questions like that purely because I do not place a lot of info in my log, so people would have nothing on which to base any advice, should I ask for it.

To all intents and purposes, nobody on the forum really knows how your lifting has been going since your last log entry of 27 July...yes, you could say "It's been going well" but that isn't the sort of information that is helpful, it has to be more detailed in order to get the best advice suited to your needs.

People will look at logs and say..."aha, they did that there...but they seem to have jumped too much increment wise, just there..." then they will get back to the person requesting the advice and be able to give more meaningful and practical solutions but only if they're able to see what you are doing in terms of workouts, on a regular basis.
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