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I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by jiorio95 View Post
Hope that knee stops barking. PR's were made anyways.
Thanks J!

Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post
Boss is coming down and maybe he'll spot something, but seems my from is good, sooooo???
Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post

The Big Man I'm sure will figure it out.

Joint pain doesn't happen overnight likewise if you have made appropriate changes then it will take time for the knees to recover.
Watching your squats again you seem to be a bit uncomfortable in the hole can you identify whats going on? Shifting weight forward on feet, Hip & ankle mobility come to mind as areas to look into.
Then you have muscle tightness & imbalance to consider which hamstrings are likely the culprit.
You can systematically put in place work to fix these potential problems without knowing exactly what it is. Mobility work isn't going to take away from your training and an emphasizing Hamstring work is a minimal variable to cover the bases.
The above approach will fix most probable causes, however if its arthritic in nature or chemistry related then that's a completely different challenge.
I can offer you some stretches if you want to approach it in general, just let me know.
Thanks OMP! Maybe the boss will spot something? If you want to share stretches or exercises to do that might help that'd be great! Not sure if I'll actually do them , but can't hurt to try, or maybe it will??????

Originally Posted by moeheep View Post always better than nothing Jay....hats off to you for doing what you could when feeling even worse than usual!!
Thanks Marvin!

Originally Posted by nacho View Post
Hope you get well soon bro. You did some great work despite the bad circumstances and that's a win.
Thanks Nacho!

Originally Posted by BigJosh View Post
Hang in there big bad Jay! Just keep doing what you can. Even through the adversity you still destroy PRs. Inspirational. There are talkers and doers, you are a doer.
I used to chew. Quitting fucking sucked! Way worse than anything I ever stopped, and I used to be a hard drug user... The thing about quiting chew is that you become an edgy angry bastard. Hang in there, I will say a prayer for you tonight, it will get better after a few days.

Keep working hard brother!
Thanks Josh! Edgy angry bastard is spot on ! Bad thing is I'm making my head hurt more getting pissed off at stupid sh!t every 15 minutes!

Originally Posted by ravimolasaria View Post
Stay strong Jay ... Use Knee wraps. It will be helpful specially when your knees are not 100% fit. Still did a good session. Keep charging hard tough guy ...
Thanks Ravi! Charging away!

Originally Posted by I WILL View Post
Well I read the whole thing! As usual I see PR's so all is not lost. Maybe meds will take some time to level off. Keep at it Jay.
Thanks Lisa! You're the only one jk!?! Yea hoping meds will start being nicer to me, but whatever, just gotta do best I can!

Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post

Ironman Meet Training
P-Poopy-Doo Doo Routine
Week 4, Day 1
(Few Notes... Before I started I took some Ibuprofen, which basically did F'ing nothing! My knees have felt ok the last few days until last night. My right knee felt like I was being stabbed below my kneecap, left knee was tiny bit sore. I did nothing that would have caused my knees to get bad either! Anyhow I'm tired of skipping whole workouts and my legs will never grow if I'm sitting on my ass all the time!!!
Also, I've been taking Chantix again to help me stop chewing. I took it years ago and it helped with minor side effects. This time the side effects are kicking my ass! Sleep issues(like I don't have enough), feel sick all the time, my heads way worse and sex and lifting escalate my pain way more than when I wasn't on it, I gained a bunch of weight and I'm bloated(see my vids and look at my gut , my neck hurts 24/7 like it's a bad back pump feeling, joint pain and discomfort, and crazy ass dreams! But this is day 3 no chew at all, so I guess maybe it's helping, but not like last time. Needless to say I'm one crabby F'ing ahole!!! ) Ok stupid long boring life story that no one will probably read... over!
135x 1 pinned, wish I was lying! Got to about 3/4 down bb squat depth jk bb guys, and felt like a spike went threw my knee and I dropped like a dive bomber! FARK!!!
Added Wraps
135x 5 ...hurt some but actually once I got going it was less painful!
215x 9 PR ...vid. +10lbs, same reps. Did better with wrap support/help. Pushed myself as hard as I could.
215x 8 PR ...vid. +10lb, +2 reps. Same sh!t, once I got going it hurt less til I stopped! Had a back pump from hell here and my head really got bad part way through the set. Think you can see in the vid, around the 4th rep, where I move my head weird, that's where my pain said quit you F'ing idiot!
215x 7 PR ...vid. +10lbs, + 2 reps. Gave it all I had for my last set. Actually still planned on trying to do the rest of my workout moron, but my head and knees together was too much! I suck!
Laying Leg Curls
Skipped, I suck lots!
Leg Press
Skipped, I suck lots more!!!
52.5 seconds PR, didn't get to find out how many sets I should have done, but didn't matter anyhow, after that I was done! Went longer than I thought I could, figured maybe 30-35 seconds! But I did a tiny bit of ab work, so it's something!
Done! 45 minutes total. Long session for hardly doing crap! Had I actually done the whole session, even if I cut the weights to half of last time, I think it would have taken 2 hours! While I disappointed in not completing the session, at least I did something instead of skipping another leg day/squat session! I know I suck, but at least in my mind no one can say I'm not trying my hardest! Not much of a consolation, but I have to look for any little positive I can, small as it may be!
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