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I'm quitting next week!
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Originally Posted by LtL View Post
Deadlift gear test

70kgs x 5, 5
110kgs x 3, 3
Add briefs and belt
150kgs x 1
170kgs x 1
185kgs x 1, 1 Couldn't flatten back properly. Briefs too tight.
Tried 44 Super Centurion on backwards
185kgs x 1 Better than briefs
Straps up
185kgs x 1 Awful
Back to raw
150kgs x 1
170kgs x 1
185kgs x 1 Best rep of the night
The gym was shutting but I wanted more so quickly loaded 200kgs
200kgs x 1 Didn't pull back as flat as I should have but still pretty comfortable.

Wanted to see what gear worked for my deadlift. Turned out that nothing does Will be working raw for the foreseeable and seeing how far I can get. If I hadn't messed about in gear first, I reckon I was good for 210-215kgs tonight I think. Frustrating night but ended reasonably well. I will have video up in a while. It's quite long as I filmed all of the 185 reps and the top 2 raw sets. Off to Devon tomorrow for a well deserved break. Someone fetch me a beer.

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Great work Al! Sucks you had some setbacks with the gear mid workout, but you ended well even being rushed! Fixed your vids too ! Keep smashing!!!
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