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God is good and has been blessing me and my wife with a lot of opportunities both in life and in bodybuilding, but with opportunities comes work. So we have had our hand to the plow.

First time home owners
My wife and bought a house!! Super stoked about it even tho moving in and getting set up has been hard, its awesome be cause my wife and I were previously living in a 1/1 apartment. Our house is a 3/2 and 2 car garage. I love it.

We are also finding out that there is more to owning a house than to just having the keys. I've had to learn how to be a handyman because we can't jus call maintenance up anymore. I'm enjoying googleing and youtubing how to fix stuff. lol

House Hunters
My wife and her mom are huge fans of the HGTV house hunters. So my wife decided to throw an email out there and ask to be on the show. And they said YES! lol. So we did a series of interviews and auditioning with the casting director, producer, and director. We film for 4 days straight 10-12 hours a day, totally missed the mark on my diet those days, lol. I had my food but kept forgetting to eat. We were so involved that all I could think about was the task on hand.

The show came back on 8/26 to film us after we have moved in the house and how we were doing. There was ALOT of pressure around this show because we moved in on 8/1 and had to have our house up and nice by 8/26!! My wife and I were going to bed at 2am and 3am and then waking up at 7am for work. But its over now and we are excited to see how they will take 50+ hours of film and cramp it up into 22 minutes.

Big Ron was a work horse as a competitior and he is a work horse as a businessman. I'm so happy to be a part of such an amazing group of guys from the marketing team to Team Coleman. It honestly does feel like family. That was one of the first things Ronnie told me when I first met him "We Family" and he runs his business like that. Everyone supports everyone from NPC to IFBB to forum rep.

So I always feel the need to work as the big man works so I've been representing the brand at shows all over, passing out product, and about 2 weeks ago big Ron sent a package for me to present to the overall winner of the Florida State Championships right here in Orlando.

Been rough, lol. But i'm enjoying it. I'm seeing things changing and happening with my physique that keeps me motivated. The suffering is only temporary.

Working out twice a day M-F
Carbs are at 200g (Just bumped up from 150g)
Protein at 320g
Doing 2 hours or cardio M-Sat (Jump came down from 2.5 hours)
Wt = 268lbs BF = 8% (Started at 319lbs 13%)

And this has been it for the past 8-10 weeks. Hard but difficulty doesn't matter.

I'll be checking in more often and if you guys need me, give me a holler on FB.
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