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Originally Posted by moeheep View Post
Good job on the Pendlays SSSJ...and that car is freakin AWESOME!!
Thanks Marvin!! Ya, it's one of my all time faves. Unfortunately, the owner died of cancer a few years back at a young age (40's) He was a friend.

Originally Posted by mab54 View Post
Great job! Some really great benching and incredible deadlift PR!
Thanks Mike!! Repping my way to 500 one PR at a time.

Decided to go see my Physiotherapist today, and nip this forearm issue in the butt right away. David said the issue is my Supinator Muscle. He had me extend my arm out like I was going to shake his hand. He then held on to the hand tight and provided resistance while I tried to turn my hand inward. Bingo - pain, and it was moderate in severity. He said it is partially torn and will require about 3-4 sessions to fix. Good thing i saw him right away as this would have most certainly gotten worse.

I also had the opportunity to tell him about my lower back and how it has been solid as a rock despite all the lifting I have been doing for months now. He almost fell over in his chair when I told him I recently deadlifted 445 X6 and 455 X5, and a single of 475. He then did fall over when I told him I doubled 390 on squat and did a single at 410 and no lean whatsoever.

He told me that I am blessed because there is absolutely no way my body should be allowing this to happen. He said there is no fucking way someone with Arthritic Facet Joints should be able to do that. Arthritic Facet Joints are the worst kind of lower back arthritis of which there is no medical treatment. Arthritic/Inflamed Facet Joints are supposed to be Hell, pure hell he said - the worst kind of lower back pain. He then almost fainted when I told him about me eyes. There is of course no medical treatment for Birdshot either.

He said it's literally a Miracle and I have no idea how blessed I am to have met Lisa. He said she has saved you from a life of likely blindness and horrible lower back pain for the rest of my life..She really is an Angel to me. There is no words to explain how I feel about this all. No words whatsoever.

I just love her to death and I and Mrs Squatter cannot wait to meet her. It will be one of the most emotional times of my life.
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