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Time to start over...
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Default Tomorrow becomes TODAY!!.....GFY!!!

So this will be my journal here at M&B. I've kept a couple others at One when I did keto, and the one I still have going now. I'll just be doing the ol' copy/paste routine for both sites for now..

The following is my opening statement from this journal over at I felt is was proper to give some background in thread title.

Originally Posted by In the beginning...

I don't know how many times I've heard it. Or said it myself. "I'm going to be huge, someday.." "I'm going to press my bodyweight!", "I'm lifting on a regular basis.."..."I'm going to start tomorrow.." Enough of that B.S.!! Hence the thread title, tomorrow becomes today, starting TODAY!! And damn, I am beat... but I feel good. I'll be keeping track of my progress, with daily updates if I can.
My routine is a hybrid; a mix of different routines that I have read about. I've received endless help and support from people at a few different forums. After doing much research, and asking many many questions, I have decided on the routine I will run. It's basically hitting most muscles 2x a week, once light and easy, then hard and heavy...followed by 3+ days rest to recover.

This is my 2nd bulking run, the 1st being dirty as ****. I plan on keeping this cleaner, but also allowing myself to eat foods I like. I will post each days routine and diet daily.

Lastly, more about me: My name is Rick clearly..okay, not last name clearly...but you get it... I'm 32, 33 in June, 6' .5" tall. I call Massachusetts my home state, but I call myself an American foremost. I work as an IT tech for a pretty big company as a contractor, serving a huge client, the American Gov't. Sounds fancy, but I really just do local IT support for about 350 users. No special privledges or Presidential beer summits...

I have an IGS-5100 home gym, but am trying to sell it and find the $$$ to join a gym in town. That's because the gym room is barely big enough to fit the gym itself, so moving around it to make adjustments sucks. I also no have no real dumbells, something I really want to start using more in my workouts to increase stabilization muscles.

Other than that, I take questions for only $5..unless you're 12 stories tall, in which case it'll be about $3.50...

I've learned so much from when I first started this journal. So take what you read with some idea that if it sounds crazy, I've figured that out and made the positive change...

Link to original journal...for historical purposes I will keep both sites updated, so read all the blah blah if you care...or just stick with the newer, bigger, better me...

A great line from one of my favorite songs by Jimmy Cliff, and also recently mentioned here in another thread..but it just fits the feeling..

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way.

And I will defeat those obstacles! I will move those weights! I will not stop, and I will not let myself be overcome; by doubt; by fear; by intimidation or by other. This I will do, this I will succeed; By this I lay my name and build my foundation.

A few songs to start the motivation :

I don't know why my youtube vids aren't working... I put the weird code in between the [YT] tags...all I see is big white squares..
Mt Snow, VT - May 5, 2012 - Completed!
Gunstock, NH - June 1, 2013 - Completed!

...i remain, he who remains to be...

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