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Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
Good luck and may the iron and gridiron be with you both!

I'm so excited to see you pulling again OR!
Thanks Squat Man. Just don't expect too much too soon on the deadlifts, it'll take time.

Originally Posted by fenrisulfr View Post
First! Ahh dammit Squatter. Subbd
You snooze, you loose

Originally Posted by OHDL View Post
Good luck OR's, gonna be a great journey to follow!
Thanks OH

Originally Posted by markievicz View Post
Doesn't matter if you keep changing your journals, I will find it and follow along

Excited to see how quickly that 500lbs pull will come to you, also looking forward to hearing how great a season Jr has.
Get after it men!
Thanks Markie. Going to start light and build up, as usual. So we'll see how long it takes. . .

Originally Posted by jdmalm123 View Post
Congrats to JR!

Who's keeping whom motivated now?
I think my son motivates me more, but you guys are a close second. I just hope I motivate some too.

Originally Posted by KD5NFW View Post
In for the new log! With you as coach and both of your work ethic, luck will not be needed in here!
Thanks a lot KD, the support is much appreciated.

Originally Posted by EliteDreams View Post
Thanks ED.

Originally Posted by TomGJD View Post
Nice work there man! Best of luck to both of you.
Thanks Tom.

Originally Posted by moeheep View Post
Very smart to ease up during the season.

My son's HS football team got a new strength coach once, he insisted the team needed to "toughen up" he also insisted on some pretty heavy training during the year. Result...a huge rash of injuries....

He was gone the next year

Anyway, looks like a solid program
Thanks Moe. Everything I've read said to just try to maintain in season. If lucky, they may gain a bit, but don't make it a priority. Their priority is to practice their sport and get better skills. I will listen and follow the advice.

Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post
New log for the dynamic duo! Smash it!!!
Thanks Hunter.

Originally Posted by I WILL View Post
Better late than never. I am in. Have you started feeding him cupcakes yet?
Thanks I WILL, he is refusing all the junk food. I make sure he is eating enough "good food." I don't want him dropping weight too fast. I told him to take 6 to 7 weeks to drop the weight.

Originally Posted by jiorio95 View Post
Can't wait to see how the season goes. Subbed.
Thanks Jio.

Some of the dads were giving me a hard time about how JR runs at practice. I told them, He doesn't get paid to run, he gets paid to drive your kids backwards.

He does run funny though. I wish I could fix it. He needs to relax his upper body. He runs like a soldier standing at attention.

My hamstrings are so sore and tight. Between the squats and working on that Eagle project, the DOMs are brutal. But it will pass.

Tomorrow is the start of my school year. The Summer vacation is OVER
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