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Originally Posted by kman025 View Post

im sure you mentioned this before, but:

What are your Best Lifts (including powerlifting lifts and strongman)?
My strongest lifts year round are my flat bench press ranging 3-5 reps or so, and my tire flip, I do VERY well with the tire flip, for both time and distance/total flips.

Originally Posted by BigTallOx View Post
Cool. Kind of the same thing as the article working on which is basically things that I've learned from my 20 years of lifting.

I see hip problems listed. I have some hip problems, and I'm curious what you have to say.
I had some minor hip issues before the surgery on my back, simple stuff, like soreness on rainy days...etc. During my 5 day stay on the hospital bed that was far too small for me I developed an inflammation in my hips that became concerning to the doctors, so they checked it (the left) out and told me I was likely born with and have lived with hip dysplasia (spelling?). This pissed me off because I had told my primary doctor about my hip soreness and he chalked it up to dead lifting, hack!

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I need to get your interview up and linked in this thread so guys can learn a bit more about you...
Yeah do it up man!

Originally Posted by jwood View Post
I also get a lot of hip soreness and would like to know how you dealt with hip problems??

I would like to do some preventative care, so it does not become worse in the future.

What is your favorite kind of competition?? I see that you have done PL, BB, and strongman, so which do you like more?
As for the hip maintenance/preventative maintenance, I say it starts with the hamstrings and quads, use a foam roller as often as possible, as painful as it may be it loosens things up down there and allows more mobility when stretching out pre workout/event(s). Also, be sure to do hip stretches/groin stretches often, and some supporting movements to keep them strong (I prefer fire hydrants or mountain climbers).

My favorite kind of competition is one where the prize is the last thing on everyone's mind, athlete and spectator alike, where people just enjoy the events of the show, preferably strongman events. Just love strongman, always have!

I have done PL but not in formal comp., just on the Forta bench at the strongman gym, competing against the other guys/myself. I have done strongman in competition, and bodybuilding in competition, and can say they have 2 different forms of satisfaction! Bodybuilding is a long process, 12-17 weeks of dropping weight, counting every calorie..etc. The end result is something aesthetically pleasing and something to be proud of. Strongman involves as much raw power and awkward technique as you can muster, where you stand alone under unbelievably heavy objects and have to move them multiple times. Basically, the more reps/weight you move in front of the crowd, the bigger baddass you feel like. It's a glorious feeling to know you're lifting for reps what others may not be able to move even once...
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