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Default Purus Labs - Recycle Review

Purus Labs Ė Recycle

Purus Labs Ė Recycle

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to Log Purus Labs Recycle and D-pol. I used these products in a PCT for a light PH cycle of LG PH17. PH17 is a PH when ran short. You can use Over the counter (OTC)Post cycle therapy (PCT) Products. So this was a great chance to try out Purus Labs Products. Iím going to focus just on Recycle here. I ran PH17 for 5 weeks and followed it using Recycle as a part of my PCT. I felt better about 7-10 days into PCT. Then I did while on PH17. I never really felt shut down during, but did notice an increase in libido while using Recycle during PCT. I didnít have any Lab work done. So I canít really make these Facts, but I did enjoy using it and feel like it did its job that it was intended to do. Itís been a while (Months) now and I havenít lost any size, strength or had any side effects since then. I wasnít moody or cranky during PCT either. Overall I would recommend this has a productive OTC PCT for PHís that do ok with OTC products. I wouldnít recommend it to replace a SERM if one is called for. This would also be a great product to run on its own too.

A little about what makes it work and the ingredients.

Tribulus Alatus: Not to be mistaken for Tribulus Terrestris(TT). TT has been proven bunk over the last few years. TT does increase Libido but not through the same channels of raising testosterone. Tribulus Alatus is another story. From a study from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. It showed to significant increase the level of free serum testosterone in male rats. I found another study on another site stating after 8 weeks. Researchers observed a significant increase in testosterone (52%), and DHT (31%). In another study, T. Alatus extract was given to subjects for forty days, researchers observed a 21.3 and 18.75pg/ml increase in serum testosterone compared to control subjects with increases of 0.72pg/ml of serum testosterone. Tribulus alatus contained steroidal saponins, which might contribute to increasing endogenous testosterone levels by raising the level of luteinizing hormones.

Basella alba is an ingredient I like the most. Basella Alba has been show to significantly enhanced testosterone production in Leydig cells. Whats Leydig cells? Leydig cells when stimulated by LH produce androgens. They secrete testosterone, androstenedione and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). This important for use for a PCT. If your body is getting an outside source of test. Your body will react by shutting your testosterone production down. Basella Alba may help prevent that or even help kick start your body with producing testosterone.

Icariin: Icariin is another neat ingredient. On a study by Shantou University Medical College in China. Showed Icariin improved the condition of reproductive organs and increased the circulating levels of testosterone. Icariin has also been shown to strength regenerate new bone tissue. There are many more benefits of Icariin, but Iím not going to list them all here. A review of Icariin made by can be here.( )

Now thatís the way Recycle helps raise and bring back your testosterone, but what does it do to help reduce or prevent Estrogen side effects?

Iím going hit on two ingredients that prevent estrogen from some of its nasty side effects. Some estrogen has been shown to be good and help keep gains. If you block Estrogen too much for too long, You can have what is called Estrogen rebound. Where you estrogen levels skyrocket, this can happen months after a PH cycle.

The First ingredient isBallerwrack or Fucus Vesiculosis. This has anti-estrogenic effects. Fucus Vesiculosis is a brown seaweed(Kelp) and is a huge part of Asian diets. Asian women show a much less chance of developing estrogen related Cancers. "One possibility is that the kelp may be acting as an estrogen antagonist by preventing estradiol from binding with its estrogen receptors," said Skibola from, National Foundation for Cancer Research.

Trans-3,4í,5-trihydroxystilbene or Resveratrol. Is an aromatase inhibitor and showed in one study to increase in blood testosterone concentration, testicular sperm counts and sperm motility by 51.6%, 15.8% and 23.3%. Another benefit of Resveratrol is its ability to increase Nitric Oxide. It does this by to stimulating eNOS activity. eNOS is the enzyme that forms Nitric Oxide.

And the last but not least is Piper Nigrum. This has been used in multi-formula medications to increase bioavailability. When taking oral compounds this is very important. It reduces the amount that is needed to work and improves its effectiveness.


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Patent number: 5536506,Filing date: Feb 24, 1995,Issue date: Jul 16, 1996

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