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Default Learning time for Gorship.

Hey guys, Wanted to talk about my chest workout today and get your thoughts and tell you what i found anyway.

So my initial question for you more expierenced lifters than myself would be.

Have you noticed, when doing either 5x5 or higher overall set/rep routines that imbalanced muscles become noticed?

Reason that i ask this question is that my bench press tanked today. Normally i can bench 155, and today 135 was a challenge after failing on 155 for 2 sets of ~4-5 where im being generous giving myself the 5 or 4. What happened you may ask?

my right arm tricep happened! It just died on me all together, I almost threw plates around in the gym I was so upset! I had to investigate. So I dropped the weight on the rest of my sets (I had to with a dead arm) and did some personal investigation.

Ok first thing I needed to check was my form, and there was a couple things i needed to straighten out.

: I was pushing on a forward angle a little bit, which will kill your power.

: my grip width that I thought was good, I needed to inspect. Now since it was just me in the gym I had to be creative.

I did a quick google search to make sure my facts on grip width were correct. After looking up that indeed as i thought your elbows should be perpindicular to the ground and the bar should go just below your nipple and straight up in a slight J curve.

Ok so If i know this... why wasnt it happening?
Well, I had surgery on my Right elbow, and it turns out that it has a bit different of an angle then my left! (fancy that eh?) so how am I gunna get this figured out. I was pretty proud of this, so if your tryin to figure out your grip width by yourself. Give this a shot!

Take the barbell, and put it on the ground.
Lay on the ground, and grab that barbell and toss it up like your about to bench, now get to your lowered position with it just below your nipples and get your arch and everything nice and tight, and feel the ground underneath your elbow to shoulder, and make sure your forearm is straight up. make sure the bar feels even on both sides.

Ta.. Da... if that feels comfy going up and down 6-12 times, for me anyway, that was my new grip width. Turns out, when i measure it on the grooves, my right arm is a finger width wider than my left (weird eh?).

So how am I going to warm up and get this figured out, well again for me, I had to figure this out, so i noticed in my prior grip width my right arm would collapse quicker than my left. SO! I grabbed 2x10lbs plates and threw them on the bar, no collars, now follow your movement SUPER slow and keep the bar completely level with the ground, and allow your hands to smooth out so your grip gets comfortable to being where it should be (NOTE: you are no longer measuring with the grooves, but your measuring with your body, thus take a second and make sure the bar is still divided on both halves of your body properly.)


all in all i learned two things

1) this 5x5 has exposed that my tri's are going to need to catch up so im going to have to initially drop some weight.

2) everybody is different in how their body is designed and how it bends, and there will be times when we need to enjoy the process of figuring out how to maximize the EFFECTIVENESS of our lifts, even if that means dropping the poundage for a few weeks.

Until next time!
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