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Originally Posted by LindenGarcia18 View Post
Japanese and chinese instruments are amazing. I always implement them in my music.
Yep, they are...I've seen comments on youtube, of late, where people are instructed to stick to the traditional tunes because that's what the instruments were for...that just ticks me off; a musical instrument should be used in any way a person chooses.

I've even read, in books, where they say the same thing in a round about way by suggesting people listen to the sort of music that the instrument is used to play...doh, why?

Music would stagnate if people did that and if that was the case, why do we even have R&R, Blues etc, after all a guitar would probably initially have been used for classical, due to the era when it came into use, so shouldn't they have all stuck to the traditional classical, as it was/would have been... rant over
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