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No doze......for some as the name implies, if they are not accustomed to large amounts of caffiene, but for Mab.....its coffee......right? Or I implant this chip in your skull! See below:

Walking into the store, our MAB member strikes a POSE, as he or she sees NO DOZE among the medicine ROWS.

Fighting off his or her Mental FOES, the intelligence GROWS.

While his or her intelligence GLOWS, he or she begins to smell something up their NOSE.

The MAB member realizes its not from his or her CLOTHS but from NO DOZE
because it BLOWS due to all of the inept marketing WOES.

Now, our MAB member KNOWS not to take NO DOZE and to stay on their TOES!

Our MAB member does not need NO DOZE to combat the highs and the LOWS or to fight the personal FOES.

Does NO DOZE work?




I realize Caffiene is a mild stimulant, and a mild diuretic, just joking with the rhyme, but not....really....he, he...

Speaking only, personally, I am not the greatest fan of OTC's, other than Protein Powder, Fish oils, creatine (it has solid research supporting it, for years now),and very, very few others. Personally I have never taken any to reach my goal, other than large amounts of caffiene---through coffee, as there is a reason I am called the walking coffee, really...he, he.

Some fat burners (and this "depends" on which stack we are discussing as topic, as there are a rare few [ephedrine, as an example]), I am not the greatest fan of.

Other than actually helping and/or improving one's situation...where ones diet and training is "dialed in with consistency"--certain (but rare) stacks do work, but the majority on the shelf are crap, and just mask the persons issue in some cases....and they are not dealing with......"the root cause and issue".

In reality one walks within their own "pillbox"every day, its just that they rarely tap into its devastating power. Most often they turn their body from the pillbox to the poisen box, (by not dealing with the root cause), and look for a fast cure to what ails there journey, which can further mask and smoke their issue.

Sorry for being off topic.....LOL.....well sort of....

Give someone the nourishment of vitality by reaching out, and lending them a hand when they ask, or.....if you see the need....

Friends whom help in need.
Are friends indeed.

peace everyone!

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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