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Originally Posted by big valsalva View Post
New Kid on the Block

Male. 46. 5'10. 217lbs. 16%BF.

195 - 205 lbs <8%BF A huge looking 195 would be great, but at my age...

I've been lifting for about seven years now and haven't decided until recently if I wanted to look like a BBer or be a powerlifter. Hence my progress has been slow at best. A couple of months ago I decided that at least for now I'd put my eggs in the BBing basket.

I live in Minnesota (we have Brett Favre now, MAB you can have him back if you want him). I've been married 12 years to my very best friend. We have three daughters ages 9,6, and 16 months. They'll be dating in a few years, and I guess that's why I lift. I want to meet those young punks coming to take my daughters out, give 'em a gun show and tell them to have my girl home by 10:00. And deep inside that kid will know that I really meant 9:00.

I have a crappy receiving clerk/warehouse gig in a company that makes business cards, envelopes, and such. The guy that owns my company is the same yutz that owns the Minnesota Timberwolves. Did I ever get paid like Kevin Garnett? NO.

By night, I'm a trumpet player in a rock and roll band. Pretty fun. Business has been slow in 2009. Probably due to the economy. Hopefully things pick up. But in the meantime, I'll spend my free time lifting.

I found the MAB site while searching for something that would satisfy my indecision between BBing and PLing. I saw a reference once to something called "Powerbuilding." I Googled the term, and this site came up. I've been lurking for quite a while, and am happy to finally "come out of the closet."

I'll start a log, but only if you promise not to snicker at my puny numbers. Hey, it might earn me free supps. I'm all about free supps, especially if they work.

Anyway, I like the site. I dig the quaint community. I hope to make some buds.

See ya around the block,

big val
Welcome on board. I'm a big trumpet fan. Owned a Willie Waldman album, as well as enjoying a group called Banyan - which features Willie.

And please start a log. There will be no snickering. That's not the way we handle things here. You'll find only encouragement. The community is small, but everyone here enjoys lifting and exercise.

As far as jobs, I just left a crappy factory job to work full time out of home. I've worked in receiving as well.

I know the dilemma as far a BB-ing and powerlifting go. I know I probably will never wear trunks and oil myself, but I still would like to look good. Powerbuilding is one of my favorite terms. I tend to train like a bodybuilder, but I always want more strength.

Welcome aboard. Glad to have you here.

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