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Default Gorships Routine to get some strength goin!

Its finished! mwahaha! I spent some time on this and im pretty proud of it. So I thought I would share my work out routine I am going to use for the next year at least to try and get my strength up.

I am using 5x5 rep scheme, I understand that its usually used inside of perticular programs, however, I find it works well for me because i can put a lot of focus in those 5 reps. I also have leaneance on myself, for example

in the 5x5

3 of the 5 must be 5 or the weight is too heavy

1 in the hole on the 4th set (aka no less than 4)
2 in the hole on the 5th set. (aka no less than 3)
once all sets of 5 reach 5, up the weight.

Just want to thank OffRoad, for talking to me about taking time off, so this is only a 4 day/wk routine, giving me 3 days off... which at first was hard, but im really enjoying allowing myself recover to push harder in the gym.

so here we go

The split is as follows

mon: bench day
tues: deadlift day
wed: off
thurs: overhead press day
friday: squat day
sat: off
sun: off

all the exersices are to help me increase the main lifts (usually done first when im fresh) overall poundage.

Bench day:

BB bench press
incline bench
close grip bench
cable lower chest raise
cable tricep press down

Deadlift day:

BB deadlifts
BB bent over row
one arm dumbbell row
straight arm cable push down
close grip cable curl

Overhead press day:

Seated BB overhead press (my gym has low ceilings so i have to sit)
alternate seated palms in dumbbell press
dumbbell arnold press
face pulls
palms out lateral raises
skull crushers (as per the SS version where you bring the weight back past your head, dont know the "official term" for me they are just now known as skull crushers)

Squat day

Barbell full squat (to the ground!)
dumbell lunges. (5 per leg, so 10 lunges to make the 5x5)
Stiff legged deadlift
Trap bar Deadlift (dunno why its called this as basically i flip the hex bar so its on the low bar, and squat down and pick it up, really feel it in my quads and helps with my explosiveness from the bottom.)
Barbell curls

Pretty excited, first few days have been great. Excited to make some gains.

Thanks again to MaB for all your support and answering my random questions!

================================================== ============================================

Updated as of 09/06/2013 with new routine

So, my 5x5 program has been changed up a bit.. I am now on the "starter version" (as i like to call it) of Doug Hepburns A Routine, this covers a couple small changes, but will grow into a long term strength routine for me to use for the next long while (hopefully).

The Program:

Taken from:

With a little help from BtB

The routine calls for a total of 8 sets of 2, im starting at 5 and im thinking, every 3 months or so, i will add on another set of 2 until we are up to the full 8

The 5-8 sets of 2 then every week you attatch on extra rep until you get to 5-8 sets of 3, then add 5 or 10 lbs and start from 2

the same goes for the rep portion but we start at 3 sets of 6 to 3 sets of 8

Day1: (monday and thursday)
Squats (power lifts)
Bench (power lifts)
Squats (for reps)
Bench (for reps)
Barbell curls (reps)

Day2: (tuesday and friday)
Deadlift (power lifts)
Over head press (power lifts)
Deadlift (for reps)
over head press (for reps)
bent over rows (reps)

Curls and rows are italicized as they are non-essentials, they are considered "fun" or "assistive" lifts that if i need to take a week off cause im too exhausted or what not its ok.

OLD Routine is seen on the first 3.5 pages.

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