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Originally Posted by old_dude View Post
Your office has a gym? Winner!
yes we have a gym, should be complete by months end.

My work schedule has been so messed up lately. I finally got back into the gym this morning. Ive been riding my bike to the gym then to work. bike felt funny thought I was just killing it. Nope my bottom bracket dropped out, so thats on my list to fix at lunch today.

still loving the JHP. pump came on about 2 mins before i actually go to the gym. it felt funny good on the bike. Im going to have to get some more of this stuff. just about out.

I am still rating this a 10 because its not chalky, and doesnt taste like crap. a few shakes in the bottle and its mixed. nothing left to chew.

Chest and bi's today.
Incline DB press
50x10 @ 6
Machine fly
120x10 @ 6
225x10 @ 5
BB curl
65x10 @ 6
hammer curl
35x8 @ 5

after this i was spent and still had to ride to work.

still have to ride home tonight, and i have swim class with the kids.
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