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I live with a woman, in which has more heart in the soul of her being, than most could accumulate in the tip of their finger nail. And, if it were possible to give these persons enough heart content to fill this accumulation on the tip of the finger nail from the capacity of heart from my wife, every dream they wanted, every problem they faced, would be met with vigor and vitality, and without complaint or malice personal thought patterns.

My wife has numerous health issues and a variety of reasons to bring herself to personal depression and despair, and just quit--trying. And, most considering her condition, would understand, but this is not her. Like living this life, we have choices on how we react, and a choice in our attitude in any given situation or condition, and often times, these choices will determine the lasting result.

My wife has Fibrous Dysplacia, which is a condition akin to the "Elephant Man's" condition back in the early 1900's. In her case (and there are less than 2 percent of the population), the bone continues to grow on her front right (left facing you) facial cheek bone, and her sinus cavity, and part of the sinus cavity back bone is growing to an extent that it applies pressure to the sack in which covers the brain, and sometimes this will cause seizures, severe migraine headaches, bleeding from the nose like a running faucet, and other complications. She has had three sugeries on her face, where they litteraly peel back the side of the effected face, shave the bone affected, but can not reach the main problem area of her sinus. But new techniques have been developed, and she is going into another surgery soon, to see if they can reach the main issue and problem.

My wife also has: Multiple lyploma's (noncancerous fatty tumors), all over her arms, back, legs, and front of her body. This has causes mobile issues, because they attach along the nerves, and these will sometimes cut off nerve communication from the brain to the effected body part. She has had surgery to remove some of the most problematic ones, but alot still remain on her body, and some are more than 3 inches in diameter.

My Wife has: Lupos, Factor 5 Liden, and carrys more than 20 pounds of water in her legs, because of these conditions, and medication side effects. She has low energy most of the time, and has trouble getting around; however, has more energy and gets around better as compared to many in which have much more than her.

In her burns a candle of bright light, she lit her self. She has decided to adapt and overcome, accept the unchangeable, and improve from a bad premise condition. The result is a bright, vibrant and tough personality. A personal competive spirit, and a person who has chose not to feel sorry for herself, but be all she can be.....

She is awsesome and inspiring. Plus, she has me. Nothing I do, nothing I experience in or out of the gym, compares to what she is going through. Mine are all petty BS in comparison. But, yet, she thrives and and never complains. I have made a life time commitment to her, and take my fitness seriously. I will stay strong, I will stay lean, I will stay mean and nasty--mentally and physically, so she can stand on the podium with me, and provide and take care of her every need, and is the reason I am consistent and rock out ALL personal goals I make.

She has taught me a lot about on how to deal with the cards that have been played in life, and how to shuffle them in your favor........

You decide if its over...

And thats the truth.

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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