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Originally Posted by kennknee View Post
Oh ok, so working are different parts of the lift by using other lifts and tools. My current "form" days are more like eccentric or negative training, but really focusing on completing the lift absolutely perfectly. It is intense.
Its sort of like that, but we focus on the events that will be at the upcoming contests. For instance, the next Strongman contest I am doing has log press, max 18" deadlift, crucifix hold, and max keg load, so we train those events to get practice with them. Your form days sound awesome, and brutal too.

2 scoops juggernaut 20 minutes pre workout

Taste: 9/10
Focus: 10/10
Strength: 9/10
Energy: 8/10
Mixability: 10/10
Pump: 8/10

Had a relatively brief session today, finding openers for bench. Was pretty pumped to hit the gym anyway, but enjoyed the infusion of energy from juggs. The only downside I've had so far was the crash coming off of it. I may try upping water intake and seeing if that helps.
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