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Thanks KD. I figured that would be funny! The kids get a kick out of watching that sled video and they had already seen it live.

Thanks OR. Laps, then weight. Sounds good. I'm going to mix in some slow heavy ones on recovery days. Wendler and a few others think it's a good idea, and with my bad ankle consecutive days "sprinting" is out of the question. Give me an idea of your once a month destruction session?

Thanks Moe, Tom, Ravi. Sled, Strongman, bodybuilding sets to finish. Whatever it takes to drop some fat and get into better shape. Fat isn't helping lift any, so might as well look like I have some muscle.

Mixed feeling about today. Totally embarrassing effort in the OH challenge as you will see, but very good deadlifting, which I am very pleased with. Man, I got zero shoulder strength! Only excuse I can make is I front squatted first which dinged the shoulders a little, but that's a pitiful excuse anyway. Oh well, just got to keep working on them shoulders. More volume probably.

Deads felt very snappy today, though!! I know I'm on the right track now. I want to push that single to be as fast as possible, then nudge it up and start over, as well as keep pushing the rep goal sets. I feel very good about deadlifts going forward.

ANyway, week 3

warmups: Rowing and some shoulder and hip stuff

95x 8-9 singles, just working form and getting loose

Front Squat:
1x 185
3x 3x 155 (lowered volume some to work on better form)

155x 1 (75%) (Son, I am disappoint)
105x 15 (50%) (Still pretty weak)

315x 1 (easy and fast as it should be)
250x 10, 7, 5 (reps made, add weight)

Empty Sled Push:
5x 25 yds or so

No accessory as I'm feeling a little beat up and this was running long anyway. Deload next week.

105x 15:
250x 10, camera cut off at 8:

There you go. Onward and upward.
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