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Originally Posted by SCStrong View Post
Funny, I have a damaged L2 and L3 and the docs told me no squats but deads were ok.... I think all doctors just make stuff up.
So since they told you this, do you perform either lift? I will certainly seek out more than one professional opinion.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Well I am just glad you found something out.

And heck, you are a natural bencher, so certainly nothing wrong with that
Thanks my friend. I feel the same way. I have been putting this off for a while. Just going to some sort of medical professional is good step for me.
I am bummed about the deadlift. Concerned about the squats, but yeah, at least I have the bench press.

Originally Posted by bamazav View Post
I would not be so hasty to throw deads out. There are so many possibilities of diagnosis that it is too early to tell. I can tell you, from experience, x rays will usually tell you little to nothing about disc issues, unless it is huge. Took three rounds of tests before they found mine and even then, until they opened it up, couldn't really tell how bad it was.

Anyway. Time off from deads and squats and some flexibility training, look up Agile 8, will probably go a long way in helping.
Thanks bam. I agree, it is too early to tell for sure. I have the opinion of one chiropractor with no x-ray results, so the extent of the damage is not for sure. This was just a confirmation that there is a problem. I may soon be able to deadlift again, it's too early to tell.
I will continue to seek out other opinions from other medical opinions. This was just a start.
So, you have had surgery? What treatment and type of medical professionals did you try(pt, chiropractor, orthapedic, etc)?
I am familar with agile 8. I need to make time to start doing it every day.
Thanks for sharing your experience and the advice.

Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
The positive things are that he's open to weightlifting; he follows a sport himself, with a bad back, whilst knowing it may not be the smartest thing to do; he also isn't ruling out altering lifting dependant upon future changes.

As you say, as well, you still have benching.
Yeah, that is a positive. I was very relived when he related as he did. He put out deads for the short term, but was open for the long term. So, I'll have to wait and see.
Originally Posted by SCStrong View Post
I agree - I have significant damage to my L2 and L3 ( complete annular tears, arthritis, and bone spurs) and until I had an MRI, the docs did not have a clue. They showed as "narrowing" discs with deterioration on the X- rays.

I recently had an epidural injection of fluid and cortisonal steroids which, did not seem to work.

Started on a course of pain meds and muscle relaxers but I will soon be weaning myself off those- cannot see being dependant on pills for the rest of my life.

I am convinced that the docs just make stuff up- they are guessing, when it comes to the spine.

My doc said no squats, deads were ok.... went to another that said neither were "allowed" with a back injury.

When I stop lifting it seems that my back hurts worse - when I squat and dead - back loosens up. Go figure.

I will be trying the Agile 8 ( and maybe some yoga, soon) I have got to get some relief. Good luck to ya' Josh ( and everyone else, with back issues) I hope we all, feel better soon.
thanks sc. What type of medical professionals did you seek for treatment? I am glad to hear that you still can squat and deadlift. Did you take any time off from doing them? As far as pain meds and muscle relaxers, I am really torn on whether or not I should go there. Part of me thinks I should, part of me think I should try to go with out them. There are times when my back is aggrevated when I would surely take them if I had them.
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