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Default **Updated W/ Diagnosis**Lower Back Issues: Chiropractor Visit results

If you don't know I've had many lower back issues over the last 1-2 years. And it has had a big impact on my squating and even more so on my deadlifting.
After aggrivating it yesterday doing sumo deads, I finally broke down and went to a medical professional. I am tired of not being able to progress my squats and deads and waking up in pain every day.

Upon an initial examination, it was determined there is a definite problem with my L2.
Xrays were taken. I will not get results until tommorow.
He performed an adjustment to relieve the pain.
We spoke in depth about weightlifting. He was very open and receptive to it. This was very encouraging.
He shared that he has a bad back, but offroad motorcycle riding is his hobby, even though it is one of the worst things someone with a bad back can do. He shared that it is a risk he takes becuase it is his mental relief and he loves it.
A few things came out of the weightlifting discussion:
-Any ambitions of competeing in powerelifting are probably out the door.
-Deadlifts, at least for the short term are not allowed. He did leave open the idea that once we get a handle on the condition and assess the risk I can make a personal decision on whether or not to deadlift.
-Squating, since it doesn't usually cause aggrivation is ok. However he encouraged me to avoid excessive forward lean and progress with caution. I can live with this.

That's basically everything. The xrays will give us a more accurate picture of the extent of the damage. At best I can make corrections and deadlift again. At worst, I can't even squat heavy, but can continue to lift.
Also, I'm not going to stop here. My next step will be to see a PT and see what they have to say.

One other note, I will still continue to do RDLs for reps and continue to do power cleans.

***second edit**
While a full powerlifting meet is out of the question, there is nothing stopping me from becoming a bench specialist.
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