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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Natural gains have been studied exhaustively. For a non-underweight lifter, the following gains curve can be expected. These are upper limits per year. They can sometimes be exceed by large-boned lifters, or by a small percentage. Please note they are pounds of muscle.

Year 1 - 16 pounds
Year 2 - 8 pounds
Year 3 - 4 pounds
Year 4 - 2 pounds
Year 5 - 1 pounds

The important thing to note is that each of us has a natural limit determined by our physiology. Think of it like a glass of water. The faster you drink from this glass, the less there is to drink from it in the future.

So if you started slow the first several years, quality gains could still be had for years to come.

Regarding weight and gains, if you have been training for 12 years and weigh 130, something's seriously broken. I don't mean that in a disrespectful manner, but most first novice natural bodybuilders compete around 160.

You can expect rapid gains, but first we would need to analyze if your strength training practices and eating habits are conducive for gains.
I don't like the sound of something being seriously broken

I am ridiculously light and I do weigh less than I did when I started training-therefore I still think I have a lot of growth potential.

That being said I don't think I look to bad considering that I weigh the same amount as a small girl. These were taken yesterday after training:
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