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Default New! Ready to start my journey!

I'm new.
Hello, I'm starting on a journey to lose weight and bulk up.

My body space is haru66

This is my body space. 195 5'10 24% body fat. ( I was previously 245)

Breakfast, I eat oatmeal with a banana a spoonful of peanutbutter almonds walnuts flaxseed and wheat germ. (Not processed oats, steelcut oats.) I gulp down a bottle of water after.

( I take supplements like sterol, fishoil, l-carnitine, b-complex, vitamin d and C, green tea extract.)

Lunch- Probably a whole wheat turkey sandwich with two slices of turkey and two slices of cheese and lettuce with a bottle of water.

Dinner- Maybe a pita bread wrap with oven baked chicken light maiyonnaise a variety of green vegetables or just a simple oven baked chicken breast with brocolli and spring beans.

After 6:30, I don't eat anymore. If I feel peckish, I eat a fruit and drink water.

Right now I'm trying to lose weight so I go to the gym four days a week.

Monday: Back and biceps
Tuesday: Chest and triceps
Wedsndays: Shoulders
Thursdays: Legs
Friday saturday sunday rest. I also do 20-30 minutes of cardio but on my rest days when I don't go to the gym, I do insanity. I also have a bulging disc in my lower back so I can't do certain excersises. My friend suggested an hour of cardio so I might start doing that. Every friday I also have a cheat day but that's because my mother is jamaican and she doesn't believe on cooking fridays and saturdays. I'd like a feed back on what I should do or how I can improve myself. I'll be a constant regular on this site. Thank you

I'd also like a workout body that's in the same situation as me so we can motivate each other you know

I just started pyramiding up so I don't know. My biceps and back aren't sore from doing this so I don't know if I'm doing it right.

My first set is my lightest and my 3rd set is when i max out. My fourthset I do ten reps of my heaviest then my fifth set I go 5-10 pounds lighter then my first set and I start to do it until I hit failure
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