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Firstly, thanks for all the replies. You guys sure know how to cheer me up and get my head in the right place.

Speaking of heads, today was a very emotional one for me. The Pull Ups made me lose it. I have been feeling really guilty of late that I have recovered from all my issues this past winter. Many people I love and care deeply about have not been so fortunate. Besides the members here that I care for that are going thru difficulty, Mrs Squatter has been having alot of issues with her shoulders. Her recovery from surgery is not going so well and now her "good" shoulder is developing problems. She has been thru so much (2 foot surgeries and 2 hysterectomy's). Although I of course help her I always feel it is not enough. Add to that my brother and I toured a flood ravaged area that we used to frequent as kids. It really broke our hearts to see the area obliterated. Perhaps we shouldn't have had a look.

I seem to be also having alot of anxiety issues about everything. Even the nurses at the hospital noticed it. Lifting tho is very therapeutic and it seemed to help today. I gave it all I got. I of course feel blessed that I am able to do it at all. I know squat-o-clock on Thursday will fix my head up. I guess I just need to figure out why I feel this way.

I did receive a nice compliment from a starnger today tho. Stopped to get gas on my way home and the attendant asked about my squatter tattoo. He asked how it came about. I told him it's my true love of squatting. He said I looked like I squat alot. I told him 2X per week but I wish it was 7.

I will try to catch up on all your journals as much as I can this week.

Bench Press
135 X5
155 X5
175 X3
195 X3
215 X1

235 X5
235 X5 Vid
235 X4
205 X8
185 X12

Pull Ups
BW+15 X6
BW+15 X6 Vid
BW+15 X6
Pull Ups have always been a lift that have stymied me forever. I can't believe how well I am doing at them now. I actually look forward to doing them now.

Military Press
95 X3
115 X3
130 X2
140 X1
150 X4 Vid
150 X4
140 x5

Pendlay Rows
135 X3
185 X3
205 X2
225 X2
250 x6 Vid
250 X6
250 X6
225 X10
Thinking about Swede all the way here and how he preaches heavy ass rows.

BW+25 X3
BW+35 X3
BW+45 X12 Vid
BW+45 X12
BW+45 X10


Hammers - 1 Minute All You Can Lift
15 X30
15 X33
15 X35

All I can say is thank God for Ark 3.

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