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Originally Posted by Mr.Silverback View Post're awesome simply put..nothing holds you down!!

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Thanks gabe - means alot my friend!

Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
Bad stuff seems to happen to you, yet you stay positive.
That is what I think of when somebody mentions The Squat Man.
Car looks beautiful by the way. Congrats on the wins.
Thanks a bunch OR - your thoughts are always inspiring and on many occasions keep my spirits up.

Originally Posted by Ramrod View Post
Congrats man....Nice IV set

Keep charging Hard... Being a Dodge Charger Owner.. I heard the new Mustang Taillights are pretty cool... I have yet to any.. The fronts look cool thou...
Thanks RR! I won't hold it against you haha Are you referring to the sequential taillights? My brothers' 2007 Mustang Twister Special also has them factory.

Originally Posted by ravimolasaria View Post
The feelings quite mutual brother

Originally Posted by fenrisulfr View Post
Cool story about the car. Rest that thumb, and then pick some barbells up!
Thanks Fen and yes sir!!

Originally Posted by I WILL View Post
Great story and nice pictures. Rest up that thumb.
Thanks Sis!! Thinking about you and your recovery every day.

Originally Posted by dzarello View Post
Its going to be tough converting me and hopefully that doesn't make me a convertible! Congrats on the 1st & 2nd place finishes. That is awesome!

I think I know what caused the thumb infection. You giving everyone a "Thumbs Up!" Its called over-worked thumbitis. Maybe limit yourself to 20 "thumbs up" a day instead of 50-100. Get better soon big man!
And I have to stop sucking my thumb!! haha

Originally Posted by Paradox View Post
Strange, strange story about the thumb. Glad it's under control. Infections spread FAST.

Awesome car show!
Tell me about it. Dunno why I get all these weird and offbeat medical issues. Are you kidding me i have to say to myself.

Originally Posted by BigJosh View Post
Sorry to hear about the thumb, hope you're back to 100% quickly. Congratulations on the awesome car show experience. That is really cool. You've taken great care of your 'stang.
I had a 1998 ford mustang for years, that I sold about a year ago . I regret selling it. I shouldn't have. Anyway, that thing was in great shape. Those Ford Mustangs age very very well if you give them some love.
Nice dog bonus pic.
I'm 75% today Big J! Its been a long time since my last show and I loved it just like in the old days! I agree, there was a 1993 Mustang there with almost 300,000 KM's on it! Still looked good and ran really well.

Originally Posted by KD5NFW View Post
That puppy is looking pretty swole Jim Congrats on the car stuff and glad you got that thumb issue under control! Let's see some lifting fella!!
Puppy has been busy lifting heavy bones! Lifting coming right up!!

Originally Posted by storm1507 View Post
Woah...sorry to hear about the hand.

Congrats on the car...looks great.

That's a dog??? I've always had big dogs w/ choc. labs my fav. I am dogless now. My last one was hit/killed about 1.5 years ago and I don't think I can replace her.

BTW...nice lifting too.
Thanks Storm!! Thumb is under control thankfully. You never realizie how much you need a thumb until you have no use of it. For example, I could not grip anything with the hand. Sorry to hear about your loss. Indeed, we have such a big emotional love and connection with our dogs. Its tough to lose one. Indeed, never replaceable but its good therapy to move on and love another dog.

Originally Posted by J_Byrd View Post
Super Jim! Ever think it might have been a spider? same thing happen to my father in law and that was the issue. Glad to know your feeling better

Got to love a clean fox body!
The Docs did not think it was a bite, but I guess you never know. I don't think any toxic spiders live here tho. It is a bit frustrating not knowing since it would be nice to know to prevent it from re-occurring.

Definitely very very few clean fox body's around. Most of them were crushed as people drove the shit out of them.

Originally Posted by TomGJD View Post
Hope the thumb heals up fast man!
Thanks Tom! It is actually healing pretty quick now.

Originally Posted by IrishHitman View Post
Jimbo! One of these days you'll catch a break, man. That being said, I was bragging about what a big inspiration you are to my training partner and his wife. You're one of my biggest motivations to lift heavy. You make it happen all the time, and I can't slack up and let you down.

Get to feeling better, man. When do you get back on the Back Bitch?
Hit - your thoughts and words mean alot to me and in turn inspires me. I really do think about all of you when I lift. Today I was thinking about Big swede when I rowed as he is always preaching heavy ass rows!

Not sure if I will be finishing up the back bitch sessions. I only had 2 left to do, but if I go back I imagine that would reset somewhat. It is also very intense and I have to think about it.

Originally Posted by linedriver465 View Post
Car is looking dammmmmmnnnn good Jimbo. Get that infection taken care of and then you'll be in tip top shape!
Thanks alot Nick!! It certainly is lovingly cared for.
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