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Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
Crazy sessions Bama. If you survive, you will surely be fit.
One thing I am finding is that it is helping my conditioning. I was the most out of shape in shape person I know.


Due to Church schedule and family being out for the summer, my Friday session was moved to Saturday. Here it is:

I slowed things down a bit and focused on making sure I was doing the heavy sets as such, rather than using the same weight for both sets. This one minor change made all the difference in the world. On this particular day, I did not do the Tabatas, as a.) I was gassed and b.) I do not need to lose the pounds that the others do.

Today brought some other unique changes. My wife and daughter wanted to workout with me. Glad they wanted to workout, but it made working fast much more difficult. I was teaching, setting up, coaching and working out at the same time. I was as mentally tired as I was physically when done. The HVAC guys showed up, early, just as we were getting ready to start the tricep work, so that did not get done.

After week one, all of the others were in agreement that this routine was not written with the 40-60 crowd in mind. Recovery, especially from leg day, was rough. I have scaled it back to a 4 day routine, with two leg days ( I do better with multiple leg days). This being a holiday week and the first week of Jeff's furlough, thanks sequester, our schedule together is messed up, allowing me the day to train with wife and daughter.

Diet Wise - I am not trying to eat at either a deficit or a huge surplus. I figure with the calories burned from this routine, eating at maintenance will cut some fat and hopefully keep some muscle.

Due to the others in the Dog House, I was moved from a regular bench to a Smith Machine Bench. My shoulders do not like that, we will not be doing that again.

Pushups and DB Swings were done Tabata Style. Gym Goal does not provide an easy way to record that, so rather than having 8 sets listed out, I just put one. They were 8 20 second sets with 10 seconds rest between. Pushups were done BW, Swings done with 10lb DB.
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