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Hello mate,
Recently subscribed to your Youtube channel and working my way through your videos!

I'm a natural bodybuilder from the UK who plans to compete again in around 5 years. Since the birth of my daughter I've decided to let extreme dieting and very frequent training take a back seat and decided that I would like to take a long off season to make some serious improvements, so I can be a better father and be a little less selfish.

In the next five years I want to get brutally strong. I have come up with a routine and a plan and I suppose what I am really after is for someone with a bit of experience to give it the thumbs up Here it is:

-I plan to auto regulate my calories so that I gain roughly a pound every month.
- My routine is as follows:

Squat 3 x 3-5
OHP 3 x 3-5
Dips 1 x 3-5 (+back off set)

Deadlift 3 x 3-5
Bench 3 x 3-5
Row 1 x 3-5 (+back off set)

Sun/Mon (Auxiliary-can be dropped if recovery is poor)
Pull ups

I am a TERRIBLE over analyser and overthinker-I am desperate to try to keep this as simple as possible, whilst getting as strong as possible and allowing me to spend quality time with my family (hence 2-3 days a week training).

Is there anything glaringly wrong with the plan routine? Anything you would change? Any advice on the journey?

Thanks in advance mate your a real inspiration
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