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Brandon Lilly is in at Raw Unity, and they are adding knee wraps:

The Cube Method author and sponsored Animal Nutrition athlete Brandon Lilly is the newest member of the Raw Unity Executive Committee. Brandon brings with him the support of Juggernaut Training Systems--and as a result next February 8-9, 2014, the Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships will expand to two separate—but still the same—powerlifting events. On February 8th, the Bench Press Only (separate press release to follow soon) and the traditional Raw Unity full powerlifting competition will take place. This will be the same event that has been going for 7 years now in which competitors are only allowed to wear a belt, a singlet, and certain approved neoprene knee sleeves. On February 9th Raw Unity will be adding a separate knee wraps and monolift event that will fall completely under the Raw Unity banner with the same rules, judging, etc. as the traditional Raw Unity event. This expansion to Raw Unity was spearheaded by Lilly in the hopes to bring the best raw powerlifters together under one roof and one set of rules for a weekend of some of the best raw lifting anywhere in the world.
There will be 2 different sets of qualifying totals: one set for day 1 and a different, higher set for day 2. These totals can be found by going to the Raw Unity web site at Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships - Home . The day 2 qualifying totals will be an even 50 pounds higher than day 1 in every class across the board. A lifter will be allowed to compete on both days if they so choose.

The competition will be limited to 50 full powerlifters on day 1 and 50 full powerlifters on day 2 for a total of 100 full powerlifters. The traditional powerlifting weight classes will be observed. There will be more information to follow this week regarding the bench press only portion of Raw Unity 7.

The event itself, which has primarily been held in the Tampa Bay area, will also be changing to the beautiful Port St. Lucie Civic Center Civic Center | City of Port St. Lucie, Florida . This change in venue was made possible by USPA Florida state chair Brian Burritt. The facility houses state of the art audio and visual equipment, cafeteria, pro shop, etc. as well as a collegiate size basketball gymnasium where the 2 day competition will take place.

Entry forms will be made available this week and will be announced on Powerlifting Watch as well as in the Raw Unity Facebook Group. If you have a qualifying total or if you plan to attend or would like to attend the 2014 Raw Unity Powerlifting Championships then it is advisable to request to be part of the group.

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