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Originally Posted by kennknee View Post
Hit a monster over the "green monster" in left at Blackburn on Friday. Too bad, the team only scored 2 runs all game. You will not win a softball game scoring 2 runs.

Glad to hear you are in the Get Shredded, Get Swag Challenge, and changing up the routine. Can't wait to see how it goes. Let me know if you are thinking about trying any other products. IL's Final Cutz is a great fat-burner to get shredded with!
WOW thats huge... even if you only scored 2 runs. agreed you cant win with 2 runs. thats the problem we are running into. well not really running per say when you cant get on base.

Today was a new workout kinda day. I am now focusing on negatives. 1 second push, 4 second drop.

Bench press 170lbs x 8 reps - 4 sets
Dumbbell Incline BP 40lbs x 8 reps - 4 sets, 35x8-1, 30x8-1, 25x8-1
Dumbbell BP 45x8-4, 40x8-1, 35x8-1, 30x8-1
Machine Fly -145x8-4, 135x8-1, 125x8-1
Preacher Curl - 65x8-4, 45x8-1, 35x8-1
seated DB curl - 30x8-4, 25x8-2
Cable Drag Curl - 70x8-4, 60x8-1
pushups- 3 sets of 10

after this workout i was a sweaty mess and worn out.
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