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scruffryders is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by Tannhauser View Post
I don't think that's true. I'd say it's more likely that most people could follow his exact training, work as hard as he does, eat exactly the same and still wouldn't get anywhere close to that physique.

No doubt the guy has a terrific work ethic and dedication: I'm taking nothing away from his achievement. But like it or not, people vary tremendously in their ability to add muscle, and he's at the top of the genetic tree.
I agree with you..people can not do the same work to get the same results. They have to have a work out for their body type and growth development. Not everyone develop the same way and and their diet plays a good part. Martin is a big man and not everyone has his size. Who ever your trainer will be can help you with your needs as a body builder to help develop you and cut you the way you desire. Martin is a trainer and their are alot of good trainers out there. You just have to find the right one for you. There are even some professional body builders that will answer your questions for free. Martin is one of them. He is a very down to earth kind of guy.
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