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scruffryders is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by bruteforce View Post
Just trying to make sure I understand Rich. No judgement, not accusations, just a question. What it seems like you are saying is this fellow is
1. Pretty much the most genetically gifted dude out there
2. Busts his ass every day in the gym and in the kitchen, and does everything right.
3. Is bulked heavily in that picture and won't look as huge when he cuts down for the stage.

#3 is the first thing I thought when seeing the picture, that he was bulked up, carrying some fat, and looking enormous.
Natty Daniels is 100% natural. I know..It cost me alot of money to feed him. His meat has to be 98% fat free, no butter no oils and so on. I only get the best for him to eat. WNBF can test him on given day and never find anything that should not be in his system. He has worked to hard to get were he is for a very long time. On his off season, yes he does eat quite a bit of the stuff he shouldn't but he knows how to trim down and how long it takes him to get where he wants to be before show. If you question if he is Nature and you don't believe he is...Anyone can achieve the same results if they had the right training. You are welcome to email him on his site martindanielswnbfpro and can ask him yourself. He is also a CEO of D&H International Inc so you see being all natural has it's benefits. Good Luck to everyone that is trying to get their body in shape.
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