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I really appreciate everything everyone has said and thank you. It was scary, but once they told me it was probably acid reflux coupled with an anxiety/panic attack I worked myself into, I felt a little silly to be honest. I might not even have acid reflux either as I've never had anything like that before. We'll see. I am taking it seriously, though! When words like stroke and heart attack get thrown around in a hospital room, well let's just say that's not pleasant, even if they are being ruled out. (This time at least.)

As people have pointed out diet and better decisions overall will probably get things under control. I won't be seeing the nutrionist again though. That's not covered by insurance and is too expensive to follow up with (that's America folks! Nothing preventative is covered, but a heart attack? fully covered. ), but she gave me some good ideas to work with so we'll see how it goes. I already feel better just eating better for a week, so I got back to business today.

Haha. Really didn't help that it was squats where I had my problem! I already have a little mental block with them and have been a little leery of getting back under the bar, but today went pretty well considering.

I've decided to drop the old school linear for now and go back to fullbody which is when I felt the healthiest and most fit. Also, I don't think I ever gave the rep goal scheme a fair shake, so I'm going to give that a shot and see what happens over the next month or so.

SUpposed to be easing into it this week, but started squats maybe a bit too high and CGBP and Sumo maybe a bit too low. Still, it'll shake out well enough as I go along.

Day 1, week 1:

warmups: hip and leg stuff and lower mobility, JR, and some height jumps from squat position

315x 1 (confidence booster)
245x 8, 6, 5 (goal 20, stay here, maybe even drop it a little)

185x 11, 9, 9 (goal 20, add weight)

205x 8, 8, 6 (goal 20, add weight)

Plank: 65 sec.

Some fullbody stretching and that was it for today. I'll get the sled out next week OR! Got a plan for that for sure.

245x 8:
185x 11, damn kids! :
185x 9, great song, so I rushed last set, wanted 30. Bitter.
205x 8, camera cut out:

Felt good to get back at it and the tunes were awesome today! That helped.

Decent session. Onward and upward.

A couple questions for you guys who have done the MAB fullbody.

Do you use a belt on the squat rep goal sets? I could have made all the reps easy if I used a belt, but not sure I want to. Thoughts on that will be appreciated.

Also it says on deadlifts to ramp three sets in order to hit 8 reps. How does that work? Would it be a problem if I just kept the sets as a 20 rep goal? I have been liking volume on deads recently. What do you think?

Thanks fellas! Back in business. Let's hope it stays that way.
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