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Workout number 1

So this was my first proper workout that actually went well.

First off, I did what you all told me to do, and lowered the weight, aiming for higher reps, better form, and most importantly, progression without stalling a few workouts in.

It went great.

MILITARY PRESS - 15KG/33lbs - 5x10 (Then dropped the weight and did 2 extra sets of 10, at 12.5KG/27.5LBS

DIPS - BODY WEIGHT + 10KG/22LBS - 2X12,3X8 (Then one last set un weighted for 8 reps)

ONE ARM DUMBBELL ROWS - 15KG/33LBS - 5X12 (2 Extra sets for 12 reps with 12.5KG/27.5LBS For 12 reps

DEAD LIFT - 72.5KG/159.8LBS - 6X6

I'll now list how each exercise went.

MILITARY PRESS - Perhaps the lift I normally strugle with the most went really well today. Form remained consistent throughout each set. This I feel was the best lift for todays workout.

DIPS - Again, dips worked really well, good form throughout.

ONE ARM ROWS - Went good, but I need to work on form. By the last couple of sets form was deteriorating, and I don't think it was entirely due to the weight. I have to learn how to get the best out of the rowing exercises, so maybe you can give me some form tips, that'd be great.
By the end of the last few sets I wasn't following right through with a full extension like I should've been. Fatigue obviously played a role here, but I think I'd have done better if my form was tighter.

DEAD LIFT - The hardest lift by far, but thats the way it goes with the main, big, compound lifts I guess.
I added 5 pounds to the bar like Steve told me to, and now I'm hitting an average of 6 reps rather than 8 last week.
My aim is 5 reps for dead lifts, so as I get stronger and start adding weight I should gradually move towards the lower reps. That been the goal also for all my other lifts.

As you can see, I added a couple of extra sets on most of the workouts. 2 reasons for that.
1.) Because I was feeling optimistic and wanted to push myself, even if it'd provide me no real benefit than the sets I'd already done.
2.) because my form struggled towards the end of some of the exercises, so I wanted to make sure I'd got the most out of my lifting.

I certainly prefer the low rep stuff rather than the higher reps. I prefer pushing as hard as I can for those few reps.
Ultimately thats the type of training style I'd like to end up doing. The heavy stuff. But today I've realized, like youv'e bee telling me, that I must start with higher reps and a lower weight to succeed so I can move onto doing the heavier stuff, with fewer reps.

All in all, I can see where this is heading now, and I know I'm on the right path, not just with training, but this whole thing as a whole. Diet, state of mind, all of it.
And I only have you guys to thank for it, for making me realize, and giving up your time to help me.
I feel this is defiantly a new start, a proper one. A STARTING POINT.

For the next workout, I'd like your advice on where to go next. There seems to be quite a few ways to progress from here that youv'e told me about, so your insight would be very helpful. Baring in mind also that I'll be studying form of each exercise for next time.

Again I thank you all for helping me, and I hope your not too annoyed with me. I really look up to you guys, and I'll need your help getting where I want to be.

Thanks for reading.

- Linden
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