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juanjames is off to a bad start

DB Bench Press = (3 Sets / 8-12 Reps)
One Arm DB Row = (3 Sets / 8-12 Reps)
One Arm DB Press = (3 Sets / 8-12 Reps)
DB Squat = (3 Sets / 8-12 Reps)

Day#1 Tricep Extensions = (3 Sets / 8-12 Reps)
Day#2 Bicep Curls = (3 Sets / 8-12 Reps)
Day#3 Trap Shrugs = (3 Sets / 8-12 Reps)

Day#1 Weighted Crunches = (3 Sets / Failure)
Day#2 Weighted Leg Raises = (3 Sets / Failure)
Day#3 Side to Sides = (3 Sets / Failure)

After you told me my volume was high and that it can take months to get used to Fullbody I decided to just re-do my workout. I lowered the volume from 5 to 3 sets until it gets easy and I can add more. I took out some of the extra exercises. I may swap every now and then, like say swap the rows for pullups ect ect. Also I have a rotating Iso. and Ab exercise for each day. I will probably try this out starting tomorrow. Does it look like a good plan to you?

P.S I know the shrugs are probably killing it but I can't help it man I love my traps. My traps were naturally big before I started lifting so yeah I like to give them some attention lmao.....Anyway I was going to use upright rows for them but yeah I figured my shoulders are already getting enough stress so I wanted to just ISO my traps.

Anyway thanks as always I look up to you in many ways.
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