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Question What to do now? Lifts have stalled

Current 1 rep max Lifts June:

Squat: 275 -315lbs - Seeing Progress
Deadlift: 430lbs - Going Backwards
Bench: 225lbs - stalled
Dumbbell Bench Press 90lbs x3 - Going Backwards
OHP: 185lbs - Stalled

Before April Lifts:
Squat: 255lbs- Went Up
Deadlift: 455lbs - This was after 10 week ed coan program
Bench - 225lbs - 3 week smolv jr.
OHP - 185LBS
Dumbbell BP: 110lbs x 3 - Could've came from the excessive creatine I was using around this time.

Small Rant (Me attempting to make sorry excuses lol):
So it's about to be July & I haven't made any progress since March. At the end of March most of my programs I was running ended as college had ended so I wasn't able to follow the program schedule anymore. In June I got a job at Fedex (That's almost like Deadlifting Everyday & if anyone wants to know it's extreme lifting non stop in 150 degree truck heat). I go to the gym from 6pm-9pm and then work at Fedex from 11pm-3am. Before I joined Fedex I could bulk on 3400 cals. Now I have to bulk on 4500 cals and my eating time is limited from 12noon - 5pm. I usually get 2000 cals in Milk, fish, and chicken and the rest comes from Taco Bell's .99 cent beefy crunch burrito (500cals each) (I know it sucks to bulk on it but the food is awesome). I have to bulk on this high number due to the amount of calories I burn a day. And the bulk only gets me to .4lbs a week. My goal is 1lb a week but that would require raising my calories even more and taking in more taco bell. (I track with myfitnesspal) In the gym I have gotten weaker on the dumbbell bench Press, My legs are the only body part that has gotten stronger since March. My deadlifts have stalled alot. My goal was to hit 500lbs but this didn't include working at Fedex. It's hard to deadlift now a day because my lower back takes alot of pressure and when I go to lift boxes at work the pressure in my lower back is still there.

So really what I want to know is how can I get my deadlift up and my bench on both the dumbbell and Barbell. I went back to look at my old training logs and I noticed I haven't done any other back assistance exercises besides lat pulldown and chin ups for my back. Perhaps I am open to try alot of other back exercises to increase my strength? For chest I use to bench press when it's included in my program but when I'm not on a program I do dumbell bench because I want to get to those 125lbs dumbbells.

Hopefully you guys can help me find a solution ^_^. O and here is a list of my short goals from greatest to least

1. Deadlift 500lbs ( No deadline I love Deadlifting)
2. Bench 315lbs ( Possibly by December. School competition April 2014)
3. Squat 365lbs (Possibly Before September 30th)

Open to any programs. O also my gym time is 6-9 because I train with 2 friends so I don't lift that long.

Quick Summary:

Want to break through my deadlift/bench plateau and increase my lifts about 40-80lbs by the end of the year. Possibly looking for a new program and some good old advice on lifting with these type of goals and working a tough job and Fedex (package handler M-F). I can only train right before work 6pm-9pm. Work is from 11pm-3am. Sleep is from 5am-12 noon.
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