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Default First time making my own routine any advice/props would be much appreciated.

Hi everyone its first time making my own routine any advice/props on how it looks or some changes that could be made would be much appreciated.

some stats
18yrs old been training 'serious' about 1year, 2years more or less 5month on 1 off eating bad so on.
im also doing carbnite solution trying to drop a few (carbs make be feel bloated/lethargic so i gave it ago.....high protein and moderately high fats no complaints so far)
bench 95kgx1 (prefer DB as its easier on my shoulders)
squat 110kgx2 (wanting to improve on this)
deadlift 145kgx1 (my best lift so im happy with it for now)

^ lifts not impressive at all but its what im working with.

anyways so hear it is......

Legs (quads/calves)
A. Squats 6/5/4/5/6
B. Front squats 5x5
C. Single leg press 3x10
D. Calves 4x12-15
E. Ab wheel 3x10

Push/pull (chest/back width)
A. Flat DB bench 6/5/4/5/6
B. Lat pull-down 3x10
C. Floor press 4x6-8
D. Overhand seated row 3x6-8
E. Decline/incline flies 3x15
F. Push-downs superseted with tricep kickbacks
G. Face pulls 4x10

Legs (posterior chain/calves)
A. Sumo deadlift 3x6-8
B. Box squats 3x6-8
C. Lunges 2x up and down small room
D. Good mornings 3x6-8
E. Hamstring curls 4x10
F. Calves 4x12-15
G. Weighted Sit ups x50

Push/pull (shoulder/back thickness)
A. Overhead press 6/5/4/5/6
B. Incline bench 3x8-10
C. Pendlay rows 5x5
D. Lateral raises 4x10-12
E. DB rows 3x6-8
F. Face pulls/band pull aparts 4x8-10
G. Heavy barbell curls 3x6-8
H. 1min hammer curls x2-3

im thinking it looks ok but i think ppl might say its quite abit of volume......thanks in advance.
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