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Originally Posted by SaxonViolence View Post
My sister has very bad Knees, and at present she's a poor candidate for Joint Replacement.

The Doctor that she works for, told her that Every Pound that she lost would take Three Pounds of Stress off her Knees.

Can this possibly be correct?

I can see that if she were Duck Walking, doing really Deep Lunges, Sprints—Whatever.

She can barely walk and she rarely bends her Knee even 15 degrees when walking...

{With a Cane and Very Slowly, I might add.}

The leverage/multiplying factor doesn't seem to be there.

We're just curious.


Saxon Violence
I'm not sure whether 3lbs is accurate but yes...the amount of force the knee takes from walking to running to jogging to sprinting, alone, would indicate that there is a percentage of force based on both the bodyweight and the impact force itself combined.

At the moment, her hips and possibly ankles will be absorbing most of the shock, due to the knee angles you describe but I'm only basing that assumption on the fact that where one joint cannot bear the load appropriately, another one takes over and does so; this is why people with hip issues usually feel knee pain and so forth.
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