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Originally Posted by fenrisulfr View Post
Check out milled flax seed. Omega 3, fiber, and a little protein. My wife just made a wheat and oat bread with the flax. Cheap healthy good. Homemade bread is cheap but you have to eat it quick. Molds a lot quicker than store bread.
I've noticed the complete opposite where the mould is bought bread moulds within a day or two, homemade seems fine for about a week; some of it comes down to the amount of yeast used and the warmth of the storage area.

There's one bread I like making which takes 7 days of feeding the starter, that has to be left in a cool area otherwise it moulds, but the bread made with the 7-day starter keeps for a long time...tastes good too.

There is a saying that the longer it takes to make a loaf, the longer it will remain fresh; whether that's true or not though, I don't know. It may be because longer proofing is normally required with less yeast and that would make sense.
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