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Default Fluoride and jews

Originally Posted by LindenGarcia18 View Post
The fluoride thing is a confirmed study actually, just look it up. Isn't the fact that they used it to dumb down the Jews in the concentration camps enough to know its not good anyway through?!

I agree with what your saying though, I do need to do a little more research before I form an opinion with these things, although allot of them are proven facts.
OK, I did, even though I've seen it before.

So, like many urban myths, this has been around in various forms and will continue to evolve as a story. For example:

Claims that governments are using water fluoridation to 'dumb down' the population [78-80], help the spread of communism [81], or prepare the way for the New World Order [81,82] are used occasionally in antifluoridationist writings.
See here

Even the serious anti-fluoride guys have this to say (see here):

"We have done our level best to discourage opponents of fluoridation from using this emotive argument," said Paul Connett, a chemist who directs the anti-fluoridation group Fluoride Action Network and recently co-authored a book called The Case Against Fluoride. "The historical evidence for this assertion is extremely weak.

If anyone should know the answer, it's got to be scholars at a Holocaust Memorial museum:

Andy Hollinger, who handles media relations at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, tried not to laugh as we explained our fact-check.

"I can almost guarantee you that is indeed an urban myth," he said. "... That sounds like Conspiracy Theory 101."

But he humored us, putting historian Patricia Heberer on the phone. Her expertise is the German medical community, including Holocaust-era experimentation.

Most Nazi medical experiments, she said, had two themes: new drugs and treatments for common battlefield ailments, from war wounds to typhus, or the more infamous effort to underpin Nazi racial ideas, such as Josef Mengele's twin studies. None of the experimentation that she knows of involved fluoride — for mind control or for healthy teeth.

Meanwhile, in the concentration camp system, as in the ghettos, it would have been surprising if fluoride delivery was a focus — in the final few days before liberation, water lines scarcely delivered water. So, water treated just for the Jews?

"I can't see it," she said.

The source of the myth, according to the Politifact site, is likely to be Ian Stephens, who misrepresented a book by Christopher Bryson, who wrote a book about misuse of fluoride. But when the journalists contacted him, Bryson said:

"I never came across any documentation or credible information showing that fluoride was used in Nazi death camps,"
If you want to see how anti-fluoridation groups operate, and why their information is often not to be trusted,take a look at this:
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