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My first World's lifting experience is done. What a truly amazing experience. Coming in to it I had low expectations. My goal was to PB a bit and to not finish dead last. I matched both these! I had 4 personal bests and came 8th (almost 7th! missed that by 5kg) out of 10. Not bad finishing 8th in the world in my weight class lol.


Coming in, I was having an awful time with my squats. Which sucked, because it had been a very good lift for me for the last little while. Our Canadian coach taught me a little something about bar placement. Essentially, he as learned from international events, talking with other lifters, etc, that the majority of Russian lifters don't go high bar, they don't go low bar, but they place the bar so it is at the highest point on the back that still covers the whole back. Basically, you put the bar where there isn't a shelf. It felt weird as fuck, but either I was having a spot on day, or it really helped.

Originally had 200kg as an opener, but warm ups went very well and bumped it to 205kg.

Smoked that, went to ... I don't even remember. 217.5 maybe? Smoked that, and then went 232.5kg for an all time best. Nailed it with plenty in the tank! 240kg would have been a good 3rd that day. 2.5kg personal best squat.


Bench had been going VERY well in training. I opened 2.5kg shy of my PB and killed it. All of World's the international judges were giving very quick start and very quick press commands. Of course, I had the only Canadian judge and I had long as fuck commands.

Took 142.5kg for a 5kg meet PB. The fucking spotter didnt hand off to me, and I was already set up in my arch so I just unracked it myself. The head judge made me straighten my elbows an ungodly amount, but still smoked it.

Took 150kg for a 12.5kg PB on my third. I nailed it, but it was definitely a good third attempt, another 2.5kg might not have went, but that just means excellent coaching for hcoosing that attempt.


Warm ups went awful. The carpet in the back room was sliding every where and it was impossible to set up. Lowered my opener from 240kg to 230kg. Got it handidly. Went ...I forget what on my second, hahaha.

For my third, I went 262.5kg for a 4.5kg meet PB and nailed it. It was a fight. Again, a very good third attempt.

Overally, had whatever 2.5 + 12.5 + 4.5kg is as a total PB, set 3 new national records at a World's event and went 9/9 at World's. Finished in 8th place and almost grabbed a 7th. VERY, VERYYY Happy with how this all went.

Thanks everyone for following along, MAB and Steve for the sponsorship support, and everyone for their advice, support, etc.

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