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Originally Posted by LindenGarcia18 View Post
Believe it or not, 'facts' aren't always the determining factor when forming my opinions.
That's not the impression you gave on another thread. But 'm glad it's there in black and white.

As I said before, I was referring to the industrially produced pesticides you talk of.
Where did you say this before? There's a reference to chemicals, nothing more specific.

My allotment is in Kent, at the country side, and the other fruits and veg we grow come from our friends in the Canaries islands on their allotment. They're imported here.
Your allotment is in some traffic-free area of Kent - nice! - so less heavy-metal contamination. Just like the supermarket chains that the area also supplies. That's something for the inner-city allotment grower to consider and balance against other factors. Point is that a blanket recommendation of 'grow your own - it's heallthier' may not be true, depending on where you live.

Exactly, and thats why I do my best to avoid them

"potentially harmful"? Are you kidding?

Fluoride was used to dumb down the Jews in the concentration camps throughout world war 2, and slowly lowers the populations IQ by some every year. .
You really believe this sort of thing, don't you? Honestly, there are so many ridiculous statements in one sentence I don't know where to start. This is all conspiracy website nonsense that you could easily challenge with a half-day of decent reading.

Yes, exactly. I use natural stuff. Deodorants, hair products, etc;.....
(And no, not the supermarket stuff, ACTUALLY natural products)

You are very caught up in this natural vs artificial idea, but (a) many of the active ingredients in shampoos etc are going to be the same whether it's something produced by L'Oreal or something you make in a bucket in the garden and (b) there is nothing natural about putting substances on your skin to clean it. That's an entirely cultural practice.

To give you an example of (a), saponification is ALWAYS going to involve treating fats/oils with an alkali, there's no way around it.

...Hardly. The nutritional value in fruit and veg has gone down 70% since the 1930's. That's hardly a fact to be missed. These industrial chemicals actually have been lowing the quality of the food for years.
But it's not a fact, is it? It's just another untrue assertion gathered off the ever-faithful internet, which spreads manure faster than any farm equipment yet invented. Another internet meme that is based on the misinterpretation of a couple of pretty old studies, iirc, and propagated through zero credibility sites like 'NaturalNews'.

Show me a recent meta-analysis that shows nutrient levels are declining across the board in food, and then find me some research that links that to the use of pesticides rather than two zillion other possible variables.

And by the way, good for you for being interested in this stuff in your teens. You have a lot of scepticism about governments and so on, but maybe you should consider applying the same viewpoint to other sources of the fluoride/IQ thing for example.
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