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Originally Posted by LindenGarcia18 View Post
Got it, thanks.

Btb recommended at least 200 grams of protein though, and I don't think this diet has that much.

Should I just add the extra 100 calories and stay the course? Or try and find some way to get the full 200 grams of protein in...
Make sure you get the calories, for can adjust protein etc when someone gives more advice on how to work it out, so that you have a good grasp on it.

The shake in the pre-workout section will go a way to getting more protein in, if you choose that for the extra 110 calories to make up the deficit.

Then hopefully others can help you tweak it to get the 200 grams of recommended protein but for now just go with the calories, until you get those tweaks done...maybe BtB can advise on that as well as some of the other members...but, start with the calories, for now.

It will mean a 165g protein intake if you include the shake...which isn't that bad...just add them up as you go.
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