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Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
Unless I added it incorrectly (someone else can recalculate that), the 4 meals come to 2,597 cals (so rounded up to 2,600 cals) which means you could add the pre-workout shake or half the oats ?? (I can't recall what they all total on their own)...whatever takes you up another 100 cals from the remaining items in the pre and post workout options there.

That's one option.
You require 2,700 cals.

If the calorie total is around 2,600 for the 4 meals, then you can eat those 4 meals as they are laid out and you need to find an extra 100 calories.

To get those extra 100 calories, you could have the shake which is mentioned in the pre-workout section, at 110 calories which is pretty much spot could have 1/3 of the amount of oats suggested in that pre-workout area, which is 300+ cals in total so that would work out to the 100 cals you need.

It's just a case of finding the extra 100 calories, and to do that, you could eat 14 almonds, or have the pre-workout shake, or 1/3 of the oats meal (both of the last two are found in the plan at the link).

Basically, you just add up the ones you are definitely going to eat and then work out what is left that you need to make up in calories and select one (or a few so that you can swap from day to day etc) and add that in. That should work fine.

Does that help?
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