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Originally Posted by wesrman View Post
So sorry to hear this Don. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. If there's anything I can do pls let me know.
Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
I hope that everything is okay, Chillen.
Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Thoughts and prayers are with you Chill.
Originally Posted by HumanHorrorFilm View Post
Thoughts are with you and your wife. Please keep us updated when you can.
Thank you for the prayers and well-wishes, Wes, Babs, BTB, HHF. Been a very stressful couple of days, but she is stable and doing well. My wife told me that she begain getting a headache, and starting shaking while she was sitting watching the humming bird feeders on the porch. Her vision started to blurr, and she knew she was begining to have a siezure, and called 911. After this she does not remember anything. The paramedics told me that when they got there she was in the front yard, shaking violently, noneresponsive, and incoherent. I also learned that the neighbor had also called 911, because she saw her in the yard when taking care of her garden.

They kept her overnight, and did a MRI, and did not find anything damaged in the brain, but her siezures (like the ones before it) were brought on by her facial tumor (which is putting some pressure on the sack that covers the brain). When I got to KU Hospital from Work, her head was shaking uncontrollably, but she was sitting up and talking coherently. This is eventually stopped, and she returned to normal within about an hour. We (sons and I) took her home, and she is sleeping peacfully as I write this.

On Monday we are suppose to call the ENT who has done her previous facial surgeries, and discuss the date possibilites on her surgery which was previously postponed.

Now, I am up at 3am to train. I keep my life promise to her and be by her side fit and in shape as I age to take care of her, when she is unable.

Have a great day, off to train in a bit. Again, I sincerely appreciate the thoughts and well wishes.

Kiss, hug, and tell your family you love them. Tomorrow is not promised. My wife is my heart, my soul, and I will be the one that increases the odds she sees tomorrow in compfort: as I am by her side taking care of her. Likewise, I show my grown boys, how to love, cherish, and respect, the wives.

Be in a position to be able to respond favorably, increase the odds this will happen. I put myself through the trials and tribulations of staying lean, because (having going through bulking periods in the past), my body has told me this is the right thing through various feedback. I will continue to push the envelope, and prove to my body it can do more than it "thinks" it can, and all the while this will translate in increasing the odds I will be in shape and prepared mentally and physically to be by her side always and forever, and provide the care she needs. This light inside will never burnout. No matter what happens.

And, we rock on. Always rocken forward, ever forward.

Age: 53

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