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Reposting this in case you haven't seen it:

Hello again, I've increased my squat in about 60lbs since 3 months ago, I'm still at 140lbs weight (probably a little higher, I've noticed my back and legs have grew a bit) squating 155lbs right now wich is a very good improvement for me because I was struggling to squat my own bodyweight. The problem is I'm feeling pain on my hips when I squat, to be more precise I'm feeling the pain as I go down and at the bottom of the squat, right now the pain is bearable (it heals itself the day after) but I'm afraid it could get worse as the weight gets heavier. Also, I'm feeling my abs working very hard at the bottom of the squat, I don't know if it has anything to do with my hip pain but I just wanted to mention it. So, how can I fix this? What should I do big hairy ugly dude?

Also, on a side note:

What were your favorite video games back when you were a kid, and what do you think about the video games today?
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