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Originally Posted by SecondsOut View Post
well did you ever consider that you're part of the sub-set of people who don't have problems getting/using it lol? sorry, but i've never met anyone who was willing to talk about using or obtaining. not at the gym and not on the internet.
my point was that it's not so readily available that you can go to GNC to pick it up and then just read the "directions" on the side of the box. you do need to have connex. it's not something that literally anyone can use at any time they see fit.
i'm not anti-steroids, i'm just against them in pro sports and only because they're not over-the-counter for anyone who wants to use them. it's a secret that has to be kept from others, and that makes it unfair.
I have to agree with Gaspers below.... I felt like you do about it, but that was lack of awareness and a lot of anti-steroid hype from the 1980's....
Also, I don't think the full complement of pro-level stuff is a good idea....but basic HRT (hormone replacement therapy, which is what I would google ) is much simpler than you think.

A general internet protocol is no open source talk, etc. but most people who are aware are open to a private discussion about it.

Originally Posted by gaspers04 View Post
No its not at GNC nor the closest Pharmacy. And no Im not part of a sub-set of people with connections. If you look around and do your homework ,acquisition of the said product can be readily attained alone without any dark alley encounters. Im not pro or con, just stating a fact of the discussion.
Yeah, I'm barely connected with myself and was able to get good info!

Originally Posted by SaxonViolence View Post
I would have taken some in a heartbeat in my youth.
Now I'm kinda glad that I never had access to them.

Youth is when you don't need them unless you have a medical grade low-T issue. Remember, HGH was created to help dwarfism...not for Mr Olympia.

I know for a certainty that I'm bald simply because I'm bald...
Not as Divine Retribution for taking Steroids.

At any rate, I'm in terrible shape. I have to go through beaucoup maneuvers just to get up off the couch and I have difficulty doing most anything.
I may never get to the Gym again. If I do, circumstances keep pushing that day farther and farther into my future...

I call BS..I had a spine injury with surgery that took away everything I had earned up to that point and was able to recover and improve. Get back on the horse. Adjust your time frame and expectations, but don't tell me it's not worth are even saying you've waited too long and waiting longer makes it worse....stop waiting and get going!

But when I Start it will take me two or three years to build up to being able to do much of anything worthwhile. I'm 56 years old. I don't have a lot of time left.

I think noticeable improvement of any condition should be within 2-3 months unless you have a debilitating nerve injury/disease...even then you can improve your condition. Look at all the "doomed to a wheelchair" people that started lifting and can do what they want now.

If I had a source and I could afford it, I'd buy some Equipoise and Blast and Cruise between 1200 mg and maybe 600 mg WeeklyŚwith maybe some Anavar or a wee mite of Test thrown in occasionally...

That's the kind of stuff that is the hype and common perception. Simply Test is the way to go IMO and it is very mild. The 200mg/week you mention is plenty for most people to feel much better (muscle, fat, sleep, libido, etc) without being profound enough that everyone points and says "steroids!!!!"

And maybe be able to DO Some Things between now and 70.

That would be nice.

I'm a bit afraid of Test. They say that it increases Libido.
My Libido is Dead and I would really hate to do anything to bring it back...

LOL (I hope!)

But maybe I could stack 200 mg or so into a stack without my Sex Drive coming Back.

{That's another bad effect of some Steroids, that not too many folks seem to weigh very heavily.}

Saxon Violence
I may be misreading you here, but if you are tongue-in-cheek, then my comments apply to those who take the position you wrote.
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