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Here is the meet write up from my blog

I took this meet on short notice and not really in the condition to compete. I go today to find out why my knee sucks!

Once I decided that I was going to compete, I had to make a couple other decisions.
  1. I was only going to take 2 squat attempts, due to my knee
  2. Bench in a Titan shirt
  3. Deadlift was also only 2 attempts
  4. Not cut weight
  5. Make sure Jack smashes the shit out of his PRís
  6. Have a great time!

I achieved all of those goals!

I weighed in at 118.5 kg, which was by far the most I have ever competed at. Shannon, Odin, Jack, Aneta and I had a great meal after and then off to try to sleep!

Felt good morning of. I was in the first flight and Jack was in the third which worked out perfect. Warm ups went smooth for me and I was opening at 850ish. Shannon called my depth perfect and I smashed it!

Jumped to 948 and it was a bit harder and that was enough of a squat for me to stop there.

Jack went 3 for 3 again and finished with a 341 lbs squat

Bench felt awesome in the warm up, opener was an absolute smoke show but I had to pee really bad and ran to the bathroom. I made it! Which was great, but then my shirt set up was completely off and I couldnít get it fixed on the second and third, so I finished with my opener of 585

Jack went 2 for 3. Only missing his opener because he didnít wait for the rack command. He finished another PR of 275!

By the time deadlift rolled around I was starting to feel run down. I got my opener and then jumped to a PR. which as a terrible decision on my part haha. Failed it. So finished the day 4 for 7 and didnít get hurt! 1st in the 275 weight class and best overall lifter.

Jack put on a deadlift clinic. Going another 3 for 3 and getting a PR on the second and the third! His last pull was 430!!

A big thank you goes to my sponsors!

SD Pharmaceuticals and Titan Support Systems

I have to thank Shannon so much for all her support and managing the baby and handling me at the same time. Your time is next!!

Thanks to Jack and Aneta for all the help and witty banter on the drive too and from.

Congrats to Jack for smashing all your PRís. Now itís time for geared lifting!!

Thank you to Richard and all the Anvillians for their help and support.

Thanks to Jay and Willie of O-town Crossfit and Dynamo Barbell for providing the best training environment in Ottawa.

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Squat - 1036
Bench - 644
Deadlift - 749
Total - 2402
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