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Originally Posted by LindenGarcia18 View Post
Come on. Look at it. Does it really look human to you? It has a fin coming out of its skull for christ sake!
But you're arguing from a position of complete ignorance. How many human foetal skeletons have you seen? How many human foetal skeletons have you seen with severe deformities, such as dwarfism? How many mummified foetal skeletons have you seen? How many skeletons with abnormal cranial processes have you seen? Ever seen John Merrick's skeleton?

I'm not a specialist in mummified bodies, neither are you, and certainly neither is Steven Greer. He's an osteopath, not a paleontologist. The point is that none of the three of us are fit to judge whether this is one of the bizarre shapes into which the human form can be distorted. We can only go on the most superficial of appearances.

One of the recent previous 'aliens' turned out to be a skinned squirrel monkey. Another hoax. But a layman would look at it and say it couldn't possibly be a monkey - a naive judgement because most people (including me) can't possibly be educated on what skinned or foetal or deformed or injured or stitched-together creatures actually look like.

So, what you need is someone like a forensic surgeon. Like the one who examined it in 2007 and concluded it was a human foetus: El feto humano de ?Sirius? - CSI

Or someone from the Horniman museum in London, who deals with foetal skeletons: Atacama ‘alien’ mystery is no mystery | Zygoma

Bung it through googletranslate.

Or you could go for a DNA analysis, which I've already reported. Here's the report: and here's the summary:

Reconstruction of the mitochondrial DNA sequence and analysis shows an allele frequency consistent with a B2 haplotype group found on the west coast of South America, supporting the claimed origination of the specimen from the Atacama Desert region of Chile. Sequence analysis definitively rules out the specimen as an example of a New World primate.
Greer has his own DNA analysis - unless he's misinterpreting the one he received - but then he is the producer of the Sirius documentary and stands accused of skimming off the profits - not by sceptics but by other UFologists: EXOPOLITICS: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe: Sirius documentary: Reported project financial improprieties and "Dead Man's Trigger" fabrication by Dr. Steven Greer undercut UFO/ET and New Energy mission.

Seeing as Greer makes an income from UFO documentaries, there is a conflict of interests here.

What the hell?

Steven Greer dedicated his career to declaring aliens real.
Honestly, if you want to argue alien life-forms have been discovered on earth, you don't want to be using Steven Greer to back you up. Leave him off your team.
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