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Incidentally, there is an idea that could be considered 'conspiracy' that I do subscribe to. It's the idea of disaster capitalism and the influence of the Chicago school of business, as set out by Naomi Klein in her book The Shock Doctrine. Now that really is extraordinarily well-researched.
Yeah, I've read about that too.

So, against my better judgement, I've just looked at the docs, read about 'Operation Northwood' and watched the vid until it crashed. So, put me right on this if I've got it wrong: the assertion is that (1) JFK was killed for going soft on Cuba and opposition to covert operations and (2) 9/11 was the execution of a long-concealed plan. Right?
Yes, thats the theory. I never said that ws fact, or even that I belive it, but I think its a possibility.

Let's go with the JFK thing a second.


1) Military organisations engage in all sorts of speculative plans. Read Jeremy Paxman's book on chemical and biological warfare.
Read it twice

One idea was to inject Hitler's food with oestrogens so that he would become more feminine and hence look ridiculous. Seriously. But there's a difference between proposing a plan and getting it accepted.
But thats the whole point. That the government wanted to do this.

2) Correlation and causation error. What you have are two observations:

A: JFK opposed secret dealings, including Operation Northwoods
B: Kennedy was assassinated.

The assertion is that A caused B. But hang on. Kennedy also opposed the Federal Reserve, halting sales of their silver reserves. Maybe they offed him! Incredibly, there's another conspiracy theory that says just that. Or maybe it was the mafia, because the FACTS show they were involved in his election.

You say you deal only in facts, but as suspected, these are disparate facts connected only with speculation and absolutely no evidence.
Re-read my last post.

Thats the point I've been trying to make this whole time!

I stick to the facts, and then think of the possibilities of what could have happened as a result to those facts.

My point is that the facts present you with evidence that theres something dodgy going on. You can then look at what could have happened, and read into some of these theories and make you own judgment.

This is the whole reason as to why I don't take much intrest in conspiracy theories, becasue we'll never know what really happened in these situations.

I take more notice of what we do know that the government do. (putting crap in our food, planning to fake terrorist attacks, going to war for natural resources etc

If you say it can't be just coincidence, I'm calling the police.

For some reason, loads of people find it hard to believe that ultra-famous people die for the same reasons that every one does. Marilyn was assassinated, Hitler didn't die in a bunker, Diana's car crash was engineered. And JFK couldn't possibly have been assassinated by a lone nut-job

Yes, and those are all theories. Which is why I advocate looking at the facts to make our judgments.

Because he was too famous to die that way, the cause wasn't grandiose enough.
I see your point, but thats similar to the whole 9/11 thing.

"oh no, the government would never fake a terrorist attack to go to war!"

Well, there again is how the facts come in...We see they were already planning to do the same thing 60 years ago.

The video was even worse than expected. It simply juxtaposes a bunch of stuff with no attempt at a coherent argument.

Can I have that hour of my life back please?
I don't know what video you watched, but that wasn't what I linked you to.

That video you watched will have been focused on the theory.

I presented you with the official documents. Fact. I never asked you to go and watch an hour video on what might have happened.
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