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There are so many incorrect assertions, non sequiturs and logical errors in this post that I literally wouldn't know where to start with it.

Here's one in the very first line:

OK, by quoting Seventy-Seven, and then saying you agree that it's short-sighted to dismiss conspiracy theories, you're making exactly the same straw-man argument he did.

Once again, disbelieving that there is a conspiracy to suppress evidence about aliens does not imply a disbelief in aliens. It's not a difficult distinction.

With regard to research: I became interested in conspiracy theories around 1978 - about 18 years before you were born, and I've been reading about them and other fringe beliefs since then. I would like to think I do have some awareness of the research behind them. My overall view is that the quality of that research is usually incredibly poor. Of course, this varies depending on which fringe belief we're talking about, but generally speaking, they are laughably naive.

I think what lies behind conspiracy theories are two things. Firstly, a basic need to believe in something shadowy and mysterious, that is beyond the world of mortgages and other mundane crap that constitutes adult life. The other is the sense of having a key to a secret knowledge, a truth that other people don't have access to. It must be fun, I guess, to think that other people are sleepwalking through their lives.

I'm sure these feelings don't apply to every conspiracy theorist, but I believe it's part of their general appeal.

You're not crazy, that was a joke. Just mistaken, in my view. I'm not going to read the documents or watch the video, because as interesting as I find this stuff, I have seen it all before and it gets a bit wearing. Conspiracy theorists are at least environmentally-friendly, because they recycle the same crap year after year after year.

Incidentally, you might enjoy Jon Ronson's Them, which describes his time spent with Bilderberg chasers, arch nut-job Alex Jones, and others.

You didn't really listen top what I said.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I stick to facts. You can't argue withy facts, and the fact that youv'e just replied to my post telling me how I'm mistaken and that there isn't any substantial evidence to support this stuff shows you didn't listen...

What I posted wasn't a theory. An official government document is about as real as it gets.
This isn't fiction.

You said you haven't read them, well, then really you don't have any place telling me I'm wrong and that youv'e seen it all before.

What I posted is a piece of factual information, and your still passing it off as a conspiracy "theory"

I don't like conspiracy theories. I see no point in guessing when there's no evidence to support the said idea. Thats where you haven't made the distinction.
Your putting my views into a box ,and like I said the majority of people do, painting everyone that challenges the authorities with the same brush.

The way you said youv'e heard it all before shows this.
Like "oh, here we go again, yet another crack pot idea", when thats not the case.

There's the people who rant about satan and how we should fear because the world is going to end, and then there's those who are accused of being the same people, who promote very plausible and factual ideas, backed up with substantial research. They're not all the same.

You'll have way more life experience than me and I respect that, but that link shows you something you can't deny.

Don't look at it if you don't want, but then at the same time don't post back when you haven't looked at what I'm talking about. Don't question my philosophy on the whole situation, of what's "theory", and what isn't, when you haven't really bothered to look.
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